Wheat painting

wheat_4678A few weeks ago I bought a little tea rose plant at the grocery store. It was very inexpensive and I liked the thought of a little floral color in these dull days before winter actually sets in.  It is much more delicate to care for than I thought it would be.  I have to keep careful tabs on how moist the soil is or I will come in and it will be drooping over.  I lost quite a few of the buds this way and if I buy another one, I will get one that has many already opened.  Those are a little bit less sensitive.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I also bought it because it had two wheat shafts stuck into the dirt and I wanted those.  I thought they might make an interesting quick study piece.  I drew it out one day and inked it the next.  I let it sit another day because I felt the composition still needed something.  Sure enough, the next day I decided to add a few more leaves and I like it better.   I first (mistakenly) drew it with my rapidograph and then I used the nib pen to create more line variations and texture.  I layered on the yellows, greens and a little bit of brown.