Another painting up

First acrylic layer

Layer two

I decided to keep in painting mode. I have been watching a lot of art videos this spring and summer while we stay home and it has helped me stay inspired to work.  I painted this scene last year closer in and on a smaller canvas, but felt that I could do it again in a larger format. I loved the vivid colors then and I still do.

This one will need something in the lower third.  I haven’t decided what yet.

Second of the set

Initial sitting

Almost done

Here is the second painting with the same theme and coloring.  The color palette for the last two is much cooler than the first two.  Maybe because I made the sky a deeper blue in these.

They have set for a couple of weeks due to our family vacation back in Boise, so I will be looking at both with fresh eyes before I varnish them.

Change of pace painting

Idaho foothills

Mostly done

After the intricate detail of the last few pieces, I decided to go back and paint something with a looser style.  So it’s back to the Boise foothills for a bit.  I did a fairly dark underpainting before I started with this one. I was tired of fighting the lighter colors underneath and decided to try it this way.  All in all, not too bad, but the tree still needs work.  I am doing a companion piece to this, so we’ll see what happens.

Boise foothills finished

Boise foothills landscape

After about 4 sessions of painting, I am pretty well finished with the Boise painting. I’ll check again in a week or so and see what changes I think it needs, but I pretty happy with it so far.  At 16″x12″, this is the largest acrylic painting I have done in a very long time.  I tried to keep the style loose and concentrate on color rather than specific details.  For me, the heavy bodied paint works against minute brush strokes, even though I use a paint drying retardant and it thins it somewhat.  I’ll be ready to try my other big canvas with another Boise landscape soon.

Well, I got my wish

Colorado cabin

Colorado cabin

Well, I got my wish. Just as I was starting the inking for the Jasper, Indiana, streetscape, I got an inquiry for a Christmas home portrait.  A woman is having a portrait done of her parents’ Colorado cabin as a gift.

I had the darnedest time getting the enlargements made for this.  She sent me 2 screen shots which were labeled as jpegs and which I could see in my computer picture files that turned out to have issues when I tried to make some crops for details in photoshop.  It kept telling me that something was wrong with the file and photoshop wouldn’t open it at all.  It was with great trepidation that I took the flash drive into the big box store to make the enlargements, even though they showed up on it and I could open them at home.  Sure enough, their computer/printer couldn’t see the file.  However, I got the bright idea to try the expensive branded photo kiosk instead of the cheaper “house” ones.  And what do you know, there they were.  I showed the department manager my problem and he let me have the good ones, but only pay for the cheaper version.  It was a  big relief that I got anything at all.  I would have paid for the more expensive ones at any rate, because the return trip cost would have outweighed any cash savings.

Anyway, after my short drama, I went ahead and made the pencil drawing and started the sketch.  Inking starts tomorrow.

Pushing 100 (degrees not age)

No rain yet and not much in the forecast.  I don’t count a 20% chance over the weekend to be promising.  The 90’s started today and the forecast is for 106 degrees tomorrow.  The next week’s whole forecast is for 90’s and 100’s.  Much too warm for Hoosierland.  I am trying to spend the time indoors except for evening sessions of watering my stressed out plants.  Put the baseball game on the radio and I am good to go for a while.

It told me red

When I went through my photos this time around, I decided this one of a museum in a Utah town had possibilities.  I liked the tower on the right and the upper level patio on the left. I wondered what the tower was originally for.  It is open at the top but there are no windows in the main body.  I penciled it in one day, pretty much following the photo, except that I moved the street lamp from the front of the museum to the left. Compositionally, it seemed to make more sense there.  I thought it drew the focus away from the museum and tower if placed in front of them.  The museum has an orangy brick and pink siding, but it called red to me, so that is what I did.

A couple of days later, I inked it and put on the first layer of watercolor before letting it rest.  At that point I knew it still needed a lot more color.  I wanted it to be red, red, red.  I haven’t decided if it’s finished yet, but on the whole it seems fairly complete.  Once again I don’t want to over do it. I do like to add on.  And add….and add…and add.