Wedding bookmarks II

It was a lovely day here today. The temperatures got up close to 70 and I went out briefly to do some yard work in the flower beds that I probably should have done last fall. I pruned the shrubs and pulled some of the old flower stalks so it looks a little bit neater now. I will go back later in the week to continue cleaning out the old vegetation in preparation for the spring renewal. I have picked a few daffodils already. They are as aromatic and colorful as ever but the stems seem quite short this year.

More wedding bookmarksWhen I came back in I went down to the studio and tried a few more bookmarks.  I was fairly happy with these four that I based on Cindy’s suggestions from the last post.  I think I like the mailbox the best of these.   I may try a few more this week but I will probably hunt up another architectural to start or maybe another animal.  As before, I am open to suggestions.