Three calf pencil up

Three calves

Last fall I started to pencil up this sketch of three calves that lived across our road.  They made a nice composition and fortunately are three different colors.

Holiday commissions and then a surprising six orders first of the year pushed this little drawing to the back of the line. Then I took a pen and ink break to do the fruit paintings because I needed to do something different for a bit.

The last one done


The triplex finished and off to its new home.  Since this was pretty monochromatic, I added color in the landscaping with the flowers, echoing the yellow doors.  I added some reds and mauves in the shrubs and trees as well as the shadows.  For a simple structure, it came put pretty well.

I think I am going to use my acrylics next and paint some small fruit pieces.  After seven weeks of architectural commission work, I need a change of pace.  I’ll put them into my etsy store when I’m finished.  I haven’t added anything new since well before Christmas due to the portrait work (not that I am complaining) and I need to.

Triplex is inked in

Inked in

After the last 5 drawings, I can’t believe how quickly the inking went on this one.  No curves, no offsets, and no complicated shadowing or landscaping meant it went pretty fast.  Since the two main colors are gray and a rich yellow, I’ll have to add some reds and purples to the landscaping and parking area to enhance its appeal.  I enlarged the shrubs and added some flower baskets to soften the porches, too.  The building has some special meanings to the former owners and I would like to evoke fond memories for them.

Final colors – looking good

Pretty much done

Pretty much done

The portrait is finished and on its way to its new home.  I really enjoyed doing this one.  A varied stone facade, a slate roof, and luscious landscaping.  Even a red door.  What more could I ask for in a commission.  The pebbled steps were also an interesting lead up to the entryway.  This was pure fun.

Next up is a set of four black and white portraits that a client will give as wedding gifts.  She has been doing this for several years and I look forward to working with her.

That’s a lot of stone!

Inking done

Inking done

Once in a while I get something that is extra interesting and challenging to do. I think that this is one of those. The inking is done and I am pretty pleased with the results.  I really enjoyed doing the stonework as well as all of the landscaping.  There will be colorful flowers amidst the lush greenery.  I hope I can do this lovely home justice with the watercolors,

Day 3

Day three

Day three

Day 3 of the inking and it’s going well.  This project is probably the most fun I’ve had with a drawing in a long time. Lovely landscaping and interesting stone work.  What more could I ask for in a drawing.

The landscaping is pretty well done and the doors and windows are in.  Next session will concentrate on finishing the stone facade.  It has been a while since I have done stonework and I am looking forward to it.

I’m back from vacation and back to work

New commission

New commission

What happens when you try to go on a little vacation in the dead of winter after the Christmas holidays?  That’s when someone decides that she needs a commission piece done for a February birthday gift. Right in the middle an out of town trip to visit family, I got a request for an 8×10 architectural watercolor and a few days before I returned the etsy listing was purchased.  So there I am, happy to have a job to come back to, when the woman who has had me draw wedding venues as gifts the last couple of years contacts me about doing four 8×10 pen and inks for her.  So I am back in the studio and booked for February.  Yippee.

This first one has quite lovely landscaping, with irises and peonies flanking the pebbled concrete stairs.  The facade is various sized rough stone work with an archway over the front door.  I think it’s going to be quite lovely when it’s done.

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