Greencastle streetscape

Greencastle shops

Last month we drove through Greencastle, Indiana, on the  way to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for the EAA Airventure 2017.   On the way back we stopped to take pictures of its downtown.  I seem to have found another small town square with interesting storefronts.  Hooray! There will be several drawings possible from this town square so I will have work layed out for a bit.

Gizmo done


I finished Gizmo’s watercolor portrait, and I must say, I like it much better than the acrylic one.  I was able to be much more delicate in depicting him – and he was a very delicate little guy.  I think for portraiture (both pet and architectural) that pen and ink with the watercolor or pastel overlay is much more suited to my style.  I really need to take an acrylic class and get a better idea of technique.

Redoing Gizmo’s portrait

Pencil up

I wasn’t ever really happy with the acrylic portrait of Gizmo the cat, so I decided to try it again with the pen and watercolors.  Here are the pencil drawing and the inked sketch.

So far, I am pleased.  I feel I have so much more control with the pen and watercolors.  Maybe it is the lazy way out, but I haven’t done a pet portrait since the two of my friend’s horses last summer and I wanted to try something again.  I’ll wait to finish the inking if I need to until after the watercolors.  I don’t want it to get too dark as he was a lighter orange tabby.


Almost inked storefront

Inked shop front

The inking has almost been finished on the Jasper store front.  I just have the signage and the left background to do.  I am looking forward to using the watercolors on this one.  It has red brick with white brick patterned in across the top and under the windows.  Once again, the trim will be a light green and yellow but a band of painted brick also carries across the top.  I wonder if the shops here got together and coordinated the color schemes.

All of these details will be harder to paint, but it will make this shop streetscape unique.  Once it’s done, it will go into my etsy store.  Two of my Jasper drawings have been sold, so it appears that some townspeople appreciate their lovely town square as much as I do.

Triplex is inked in

Inked in

After the last 5 drawings, I can’t believe how quickly the inking went on this one.  No curves, no offsets, and no complicated shadowing or landscaping meant it went pretty fast.  Since the two main colors are gray and a rich yellow, I’ll have to add some reds and purples to the landscaping and parking area to enhance its appeal.  I enlarged the shrubs and added some flower baskets to soften the porches, too.  The building has some special meanings to the former owners and I would like to evoke fond memories for them.

Red brick in the mail

Red brick ranch

Red brick ranch

After several rounds of watercoloring, the brick ranch is finally finished.  The brick was a solid red with no variations which is always a little harder. There are no subtle color combinations to move the eye around the facade, so I had to use the shutters, quoins and set back entry to help do that.   Because this is only an 8×6 drawing, the smallish doorway got lost in the shadows of the porch.  I used a narrow white line to bring it back out.  I was rather pleased with the effect since the door had effectively disappeared and who doesn’t want to see the entry of their home.

It is off to its new home in Virginia, I think as a realtor gift.


Inking the Virginia house

Inked in

Inked in

Before I started the inking this one, I decided to adjust the placement of the house on the board. I lowered the skyline and added some of the gravel road to the bottom. I always try to leave extra space on the board when I place my initial drawing rectangle. Sometimes I have to move the building placement around after I start the drawing and it’s easier to adjust the borders if I have extra room that I can trim later.

This is turning out to be a cute ranch with attractive brick details, including the single row quoins and the soldier courses.  I like the circle top windows and the 9 panel grids.  They make the large expanse of windows a little more inviting.  I didn’t see that the doorway itself is slightly recessed from the covered porch area until I started the inking, but it is.  I’m ready for watercolors.

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