The last one done


The triplex finished and off to its new home.  Since this was pretty monochromatic, I added color in the landscaping with the flowers, echoing the yellow doors.  I added some reds and mauves in the shrubs and trees as well as the shadows.  For a simple structure, it came put pretty well.

I think I am going to use my acrylics next and paint some small fruit pieces.  After seven weeks of architectural commission work, I need a change of pace.  I’ll put them into my etsy store when I’m finished.  I haven’t added anything new since well before Christmas due to the portrait work (not that I am complaining) and I need to.

It’s been a while

Jasper street

Jasper street

I know it’s been a while, but I think I’m finally back on track with my artwork and blog posting for now.  August and September were filled with family moves and the birth of our first grandchild but now, with the start of October, I’m edging back into the studio and starting to look for the Christmas commissions to begin.

In the meantime, I selected another streetscape from Jasper, Indiana.  This one is not as colorful as the previous ones on the town square.  It is mostly muted blue-gray for the Elements store and plain red bricks on the left, but I liked the eclectic array of wares on the sidewalk and in the windows, along with the spool table and chairs for potential customers.  The upper brickwork around the windows is textured and there is a lot of vertical detail in the rest of the facade siding, so there will be quite a bit of inking involved.

Stay tuned.  The next post will be either the start of inking on this or the pencil up of a new commission.  I promise to be better in October.


Finishing the colors of the commission

All colored

All colored in

I spent about 4 sessions working on the watercolors for this home portrait. I laid out the foliage greens first, then started on the brick and stone because I knew all of those would require the most repeated paint application.  The daffodils’ yellow also took a lot of effort.   It kept fading as it dried so I kept putting more on.  It was a big request of the client to have them included, so they had to be very visible.  The beige siding came in about half way through, due to its paleness.  Not much color there, so not so many layers

Last of all I put in the shadows to add depth.  A lot of work for a little picture, but I think it turned out well.

Inked up commission

Preliminary inking

Preliminary inking

Here is the home portrait, mostly inked up. I have to add some daffodils at the bottom and the 6 panel door.  The flowers used to be in a fenced bed.  That landscaping feature is now gone, but the daffodils continue to come up in the spring right in the lawn.  I know the seasons are a little mixed here – daffodils usually come up before the trees are fully leafed out – but the buyer and her family hold them as a special memory, along with the tree face, and wanted to include them.  Easily done.

As you can see, the house is a mid century modern tri-level.  It has an interesting mix of orangish field stone, red brick and siding.  I may increase the size of the tree off to the upper left.  It looks a little unbalanced in the overall scheme of things but I’ll decide as I start the watercolors.

Matting and framing the boys

Urco, framed

Urco, framed

The mat board I ordered online for the boys’ framing turned out to look just fine. Although I knew I wanted a dark gray and cream with a hint of orange, I was really guessing when I bought the boards because it is hard to tell true colors from the monitor.  And you can’t put it right up to the picture either, so the subtle color combinations (good or bad) you can see in person are lost.   It was disappointing that the mats I picked out at Michael’s couldn’t be purchased so I was kind of forced to try with these that aren’t acid free.  I don’t think my friend will mind.  I did find some nice frames at two for one there so I am pleased with that.

Felix, framed

Felix, framed

These frames came with a double black mat, and if you can believe it, the exact size that I wanted.  How often does that happen with custom art and not just a photo?  Rarely, for me.  So I had to try both mats and make a choice.  Here is one horse in my double mat and the other in the black mat that came with the frames.  It’s funny, but when they were laying on the table I liked them both, but when I hung them up to photograph, I thought the multicolor one looked better and I think I will go with that.  What do you think?

Only half way

Urco - second session

Urco – second session

As I was looking at Urco in person last Thursday at my riding lesson, I said to myself, yes, the picture needs to be darker, especially in the mane area.  I managed to work some on Urco’s portrait earlier in the week, but it still needs more. I want the black to be more definite and not just look like shadowing on a chestnut horse.  He really is quite dark about the head, just not all black like Felix.  It is a little bit delicate at this point, balancing the bronzy tones with the black.

I have been debating putting their names in the lower right and I think I will.  I’m not really loving the lower board area and I think it will help put the focus back onto the face as well as break up that expanse nicely.  What do you think?

Starting Urco’s color

Watercolor prelim

Watercolor preliminary

I started to lay in the the base watercolors last week and so far it seems okay.  I have to take care that the black part of Urco’s dark bay coloring doesn’t overwhelm his lovely bronze base color.  Just as in Felix’s portrait, the darks will be the problem.  Fortunately, Urco also has a very small slit shaped star on his forehead which should relieve some of the black expanse.

I think that this is about a third of the way in.  The colors all need to be deepened quite a bit, but I like his expression.  He has a very kind eye and delicate nose.

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