Inking in the Ohio Tudor and starting to bundle up

Entryway inked in

Entryway inked in

Even though we had some pretty nice weather in the 40’s and 50’s this week and I wanted to be outside, I did manage to spend some time inking in the architectural.  The upper right will be light colored stucco and the timber work should be brown.  The brick is a variation of reds and I think the door will be a golden brown – or maybe darker to match the timbers.  I’ll probably change some of the color choices as I do it.  That’s always the way it is, especially when it is not a commission and I can do what I want to.  Not much of the shingle work is shown here, but that’s okay.  I decided to keep the tree in the foreground  to add a bit of depth and intimacy, but  I trimmed it back because the photo had way too much and it hid the second story.

The stuccoed area above the bay window is a bump out and that will be more clear after the color is put in.  This entry has a nice amount of limestone surrounding the doorway.  I especially liked the five carved panels up top.

I saw the heron again yesterday morning down at the lake.  He looked to be trying to fish but I don’t think he is going to be able to find anything for much longer as the water is going to freeze over soon.  We are expecting temperatures in the single digits this week.  Yuck. It will be a good time to hole up in the house and stay warm.

And I have been researching another project lately.  I’ve been looking into making some tile coaster sets with my artwork.  From what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem too complicated and yesterday I managed to crop some of the animal pieces (the cheetah, polar bear, pelican, and shore bird watercolors) and put them on one sheet of paper to print off – a real computer accomplishment for me.  You can see them at my Etsy store under the animals section if you want to.  A set of four using one of each would be nice, I think.

I may also use some of the still life paintings if this works out.  I am a little limited in my choices because I have to be able to crop them to a square for the tile.  I plan to make up one set and pass them around to use for a few months to test their durability before I actually try to sell them.

After the holiday

Well, the holiday weekend is over, all of the company has returned home after a wonderful visit, and the cleanup has finally been accomplished.  I managed to get into the studio for a few hours today and start the coloring.  I had finished the inking last week but with holiday preparations and then company, I couldn’t get back to the studio.

Preliminary pastel

This is what I did this afternoon.  The colors are a little on the dull side as I haven’t sprayed it at all yet and I haven’t cleaned up the edges, especially around the exterior timber work.  It looks a little on the on the messy side since I have only used the kneaded eraser alone and not with the metal guide.  I plan to darken up the timber work with a few more layers and perhaps just a bit more subtle coloring to the brick work.  And I think I’ll make the shingles slate again.  Ahh, the privileges of artistic license when there is no client involved.  I do think I may need to add some dark on the right to balance out the windows on the left, but I haven’t quite decided how to yet.  Perhaps when I add more color to the foliage it will work itself out.  I’ll use the colored pencils after I spray with workable fixative to delineate the shadows.  All in all, I should  be able to finish by the weekend and then I’ll have to figure out what to do next.  sometimes that is harder than the actual artwork.