Back in the studio at last

The family company is gone and the weather has turned rainy for a while. I have felt cold all day with the change in the temperatures from the 60’s to the 40’s and inked my drawing in the studio bundled in my sweater and LL Bean fuzzy slippers all afternoon.

All inked in

I was able to work for several hours and managed to finish most of the inking.  I’ll look at it tomorrow and perhaps start coloring it with the pastels.  I like all of the angled brick and the curved chimney  with the its added insets and soldier courses.  I am not sure I would call it a true Tudor with the sided gable but it does have the stucco and the timbered work.  The front door is a nice, heavy wooded piece which was dressed up with a pretty wreath that I decide to keep to dress it up a little.  I miss the diamond windows of the past few entryways, but the small square panes are not unattractive.

Blackberry season interferes with art

At last I have finished the inking of the next drawing. I have had lots of delays not the least of which is the coming of wild black raspberry season. And nothing interferes with raspberry season. I noticed a few getting ripe on the driveway and so I have spent a few morning hours here and there keeping track of how the ripening was going. It has just started to be worthwhile to get up early in the morning and pick this week. Today I spent 2 1/2 hours picking 3 quarts of berries. It may not seem like a lot, but it is. The largest of them are only as big as my first fingernail. Most range closer to my pinkie nail.  Still, the weather was good for picking – cloudy and fairly cool.  It looked like rain but it didn’t so I just kept on picking.  I have been known to pick when the tornado sirens are going off (it’s a county-wide alarm so I wasn’t in danger where I was).  I’d just about have to be in an electrical storm to give it up.  For the next two weeks it’s going to be a toss-up between berries (1st) and computer and art.  Fortunately, there has to be a few days between pickings to let more ripen and I won’t try again until the weekend.  Later in August it will be blackberry season, but that is for another time.

Tudor entry

Anyway, here is the inking of the latest drawing.  It is more Tudor in style with the stucco and beam work over the brick.  I like the steep roof line over the entry.  It must be close to a 20/12 pitch.  I’m glad I didn’t have to put the slate shingles on that!  I also liked the way that the brick was curved in 4 tiers over the doorway.  The door is actually gently recessed from the front of the house perhaps a brick’s worth at each arch.  Not enough to put the door in shadow, but just enough for a little architectural detail.  You’ll be able to see it more clearly with the color.  The sections of angled brick are pretty too.  They will be a little more subtle when I put in the pastels.

I did take some artistic license with the windows however.  Somehow the colonial grids that were there didn’t seem quite right , so I changed them to diamond grids.  That seemed a little more appropriate.

While I was gone…

Not a great deal of artwork was accomplished over the last week or so because I was away for the weekend attending our son’s MBA graduation and for Mother’s Day. We had a lot of fun in a family affair and I was able to take lots of architectural photos. He lives in an historic district which is made up of many lovely homes in a vast array of styles. Because there were so many in a relatively small area, I concentrated on the Tudor ones. I really love the steeply angled roof lines and the combinations of wood and stucco, and brick and stonework. You will undoubtedly see them appear in the entryway series and maybe some sets of windows. The mixes in the neighborhoods were quite eclectic, from Spanish influence to contemporary, but I really like the Tudors. Some were very large and spread out and some were more compact cottage style.  The weather was quite beautiful so we walked for an hour and I took pictures until the camera battery died.

My beautiful bearded irises

And while I was gone, the bearded irises decided to bloom.  I put them in a few years ago so they are finally filling out the space allotted.  They come in such beautiful colors that I may have to dedicate another area in order to  get some new ones.  The daffodils are long gone, so I planted the wave petunias to take over the space after they die back.  A few of the lilac bushes bloomed for the first time and the other spring flowers are coming along nicely.  The rhubarb has lived so far.  I don’t think I will touch any of it until next year.  Next up will be planting a few tomatoes and peppers.

I also managed  to get to another hobby store and replace the little hole punch for the mini labels that I had just bought.  Its punch rod managed to misalign itself after only a few uses in the heavy watercolor stock and I have to return it.  Its replacement seems to be fine though and I think I may try to use it for real today.  I am going to take the tags to my weaving friend and let her choose a few before I list any more.  I will be finishing the latest entryway very soon.  It has had an overlong “rest” with all of the other activity.