You say tomato….

We finally got a little break in the weather this week.  The string of 90+ days has ended at least for a while and it is actually supposed to drop into the 50’s tonight. Maybe it’s time to open the windows and air out the house this evening. I spent some time this week out in the flowerbeds weeding because of the cooler weather.  The flowers are starting fade somewhat so I decided to move into the vegetable camp for this painting. 

Garden fresh tomatoes

I picked a few of my red and yellow tomatoes as a start.  Unlike store-bought ones, they are wonderfully not perfect in color and shape.  I set up three as a still life on the rolling shelves next to my drafting table.  Then I was off to the refrigerator to see what I could add to make it more interesting.  Unfortunately, like Mother Hubbard, the vegetable bin was bare.  I really wanted a pepper but I didn’t have any from the store and my own plants haven’t been co-operating.  (I’ve picked one very expensive pepper so far.)   I played with this and that and couldn’t get satisfied so I decided to get a couple of tomato plant branches and use them.  I painted this today in two sessions and had to quit because I was starting to feel like I was getting into overdone territory.  Just a little something here and a little something there and suddenly you’ve crossed the line.  I may want to change it a little bit above the right tomato.  It seems to be an area of not enough value difference there to my eye but I’ll wait until tomorrow to look at it again.  I may fool around with a few of the leaves but I think the tomatoes are done.

And just so you know, the photo colors are waaaay better than the real thing.  I’d be happy if it looked more like the photo.  I plan to get back to the architecturals soon, but my brain needed a serious break and I’ve just been having fun.