Studio update – a new piece of furniture

I’ve been so busy lately since I got over my illness. I made a lot of the bookmarks and have gotten everything laminated at the big box store. If things go well, I will consider purchasing my own office size laminator. I can’t justify it yet, but I would like to have more control over the process and lamination thickness and not depend on what I can buy and the skill of the laminating clerk. If somethings gets ruined, I want to be able to blame myself.

The new studio table

 And here is the new table.  I had been using our old kitchen table with a leaf insert that my parents bought at an auction and refinished for me 30 years ago.  It was relegated to storage for a number of years and then used as my studio table in the new house. It has served quite well for the last couple of years while I was getting up to speed in my first dedicated studio space.  Unfortunately when the kids used it in the stained glass project and I started making the bookmarks, its flaws became more obvious.  When I was just sitting at it, putting projects or mail together or painting small watercolors on my plexiglass sheet, its center bow didn’t really matter.  However, when the kids were cutting and snapping the glass pieces or I was trying to use the mat cutter for the bookmarks, it challenging at best.  I had only a specific place on the end where the cutter could lay flat for me and the kids had a lot of trouble snapping the larger glass pieces apart against an edge without them shattering.

Fortunately, we live in the vicinity of a large state university and you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that they get rid of.  The university operates a surplus store that sells outdated computers, older but serviceable chairs and tables, and office furniture.  I take a peek in there once in a while and in fact that is where I was able to buy my map size flat files at a great price which I snapped up without hesitation.  (They were a little dinged up, but at 10% of new ones, I wasn’t about to complain.)  My sister had just gotten a great work table there so I decided to stop by and see what was left.  There were, in fact, two tables to choose from and this is the one that I got for only $50.00.  It has a metal frame and laminated top, but is the whole surface is flat and I can work anywhere on it that I want.  It has a drawer on the other side and measures 30″ x 60″ – big enough for just about any project I might have.  I got it home, washed it off with a bucket of lysol, and it looked even better.  I hate to think what I washed off but it is about as clean as I can make it now.  If the scratches bother me after a few weeks , I’ll get some metal paint for it.  Right now it is great to have a really flat surface to work on.  I’ve broken down the old table and will keep it for a while to see if the kids or nieces may want to use it for a work table  in the future.  It’s always good to have an old table around.

Watercolor bookmarks

Here’s my latest etsy bookmark listing.  I’ve started work on a new stone barn and hope to have it finished this week.  It’s a little different in that it is of a whole barn and not just a smaller view.