My big commission work starts

Pencil drawing

Partially inked

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celelebrate today.  I have been working hard the last 2 weeks on my five house commission. They are only 8×10’s so the work is pretty quick. Here are both the pencil-up and most of the inking for the first one located in Florida.  This one is white stucco with salmon pink accents.  There is Spanish moss on some of the trees and evergreens to go along with the palm trees.  I wonder what that little one by the driveway is called.  I bet it is one that stays small.

Colored and ready to go

Watercolored house

Watercolored house

This one goes into the mail tomorrow.  I really needed to work at personalizing this picture because the stucco siding and black shutters were on the plain side.  Fortunately, the entry created visual interest with the carriage lights and the double sidelights.  I added yellow tulips, as per request, and that, along with the pinky shrubs, made for an appealing landscape.