Another Jasper streetscape

Another Jasper storefront

I looked at the date of my last post and couldn’t believe it has been a month since then.  Such was my May.  We had one out of town family move and another period helping an elder family member start the process to downsize and move into a more assisted living situation.  I think I spent about as much time out of town as in.

But now I’m back to the drawing table with an old standard.  I really love this small town main square.  Jasper has one of the most colorful downdowns I have seen in Indiana and I love depicting all of the colors of the buildings.  Here is the pencil up of another red brick/green trim shop.  Let the inking begin.



Finally finished

It's finally done

It’s finally done

After 8 days of work, this one is finally done. For a pen only architectural, this took a lot of time. Way more than usual.   From the pointed arches atop the windows to the spires on top of the railings, it seemed as though everywhere I looked there was some little detail that needed to be addressed.  Still, I am pleased with the way it turned out.  I saved the patterned corner area for last.  I wanted to make sure that its angles looked good with the rest of the details and it was going to be easy to mess that up.  I must have drawn and redrawn them in pencil half a dozen times before I was confident enough to finally use the ink.

The next one up will be easier on my eyes and brain.  It is pretty straight forward as it is an house entryway with lots of landscaping.

This is a hard one

Partial inking

Four days in on the inking

This one is taking a while.  Four days into the inking and this is where it stands.  There is so much going on here, I have to check and recheck my preliminary pencil outlines before I can ink it in.  My eyes and brain tire faster than usual and I have to quit before I make a mistake I can’t correct. That diamond pattern on the upper corners will be the last thing I do before putting in the shadows.  Still, I think it is going well.  There will be one more day of serious inking before a day of rest to clear my mind and then a last session to finalize it.

First of four pen and ink wedding gifts



This is a complicated one.  The pencil up took two long sessions and a lot of detail is still left out. I had to quit working each time because my eyes were crossed and my brain fried.  There are so many details here, it is mind boggling.  I can’t even imagine structure like this being built today.  Still, I will enjoy the challenge of making this special memory for the recipient.

After I do the palm trees and grass, I think I will work a building section at a time. Usually after the plantings, I move in to work on all of the windows, but this is so detailed that I will try to mostly complete a smaller area except for the facade surface detail.  Even though there will be no color, I bet it takes just as long.

We saw something very interesting yesterday afternoon when  we were almost home after buying some supplies to fix a leaky water line from Lowe’s.  Up ahead of us on the side of the road, I saw a large black and white bird.  My first thought was that it might be a pileated woodpecker.  However, as we got closer, we both saw it was an adult bald eagle!!!  We couldn’t see what it was trying to feed on at the edge of the road, but as we approached, it rose slowly into the air and flew off into the trees on the other side and out of view.  Almost made the leaky water line worth it.

Jasper color

Watercolored in

Watercolored in

The watercoloring is finished on the Jasper, Indiana streetscape and it is ready for listing in my etsy shop.  While it is not quite as colorful as some of the others, I do like the blue gray siding next to the red bricks.  We actually went into this shop and bought some gifts and a little sign. It is a lovely little store to walk into and explore.

I am going to have to go out this spring and take some local small town photos.  I really have enjoyed creating this set of streetscapes.  The big problem is finding a small town mainstreet that is as vibrant as Jasper is and lots of open, well cared for stores.  Small towns are having a hard time surviving.  Jasper deserves a lot of credit.

Back to Jasper

Back to Jasper

Back to Jasper

After all of the holiday work, I have returned to doing some of my own for listing in my etsy store.  This piece has sat half finished since sometime last fall and I decided I should go ahead and finish it. Two of the three streetscapes I painted of the unique shops in Jasper have sold already so this is a logical choice.  I may have to dig out my pictures of other small Indiana town main streets to work from. There is obviously pride of place here.

All of the decorative brick work took some time, but it is finished now and time for the watercolors.

Back to Jasper

Inking Jasper

Inking Jasper

Now that I have finished the last commission, I’m going back to the inking for the Jasper, Indiana storefront.  There is a lot going on in this little streetscape.  The brick has vertical embellishments at the top and the window staging is busy.  On this nice weather day, they have put quite a bit out onto the sidewalk, too.

The building to the left adds its own special qualities.  Its windows shelter under a big canopy and the brickwork is accented nicely with limestone and the raised double squarish pattern.  The facade has a nice little parapet on top to break up a flat roofline.

There is still quite a bit of inking left before I get to the watercoloring.  With blue gray brick, this one won’t be as colorful as the others, but I think its interesting architectural features will make up for it.


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