Finished the entryway

Even though the weather has been pretty nice lately, I managed to get into the studio and color the entryway. this one is a little plainer overall then most of the previous ones, but I thought that it was distinctive enough to draw.  I couldn’t figure out a crop to emphasize the doorway more, so I ended up including the whole gable.

Brick and Limestone Entryway

There is a nice limestone surround framing the doorway and a lovely quad window set with transoms in the front.  Above those windows there is a carved wooden arch with flowing embellishments.  This one has a little bit browner brick than some of the previous ones and the lovely slate roof typical of the area.  I love the little shed dormer above the door.  It makes me wonder whether it goes into a little attic room or if the foyer has a raised ceiling.  I would guess a room as I don’t think high ceilings in a foyer became fashionable until later.  Don’t know for sure though.

This particular house had minimal landscaping so I made up my own.  I never can understand when a grand house like this doesn’t have landscaping to complement and accentuate its architectural features.  Maybe it was in transition but there just didn’t seem like much going on or planned so I helped it along.