Spring fever is making studio time a little harder

Spring has sprung here, at least for a little while.  My daffodils had a few buds last Thursday and yesterday I picked some blooms.  I’ve never seen them develop that fast.  Not complaining, mind you, because I wait all year for this.  I love my daffodils.  Yesterday I planted 4 grape vines that I bought at Sams Club.  Two whites and two reds.  I hope they make it but of course I won’t know for a while.  The red and gold raspberries  and the blueberry bushes we planted last fall in the midst of the drought have started to bud out also.  I have been trying to grow the red raspberries for many years after my first sets finally died out without much luck .  This year I am going with some mir-acid in hopes they all make it.  At least the winter didn’t kill them.

More tags I

I did make it back into the studio to work again on the tags the last few days for a little while.  It is funny how, sometimes, it is hard to get going on a project again.  I stared at the blanks for a while before I could start to draw on them.  I felt a little intimidated at drawing over the colored background in fear that I might ruin them.  I finally started on the ones that appealed less to me (although I really liked them all) and by the time I had done a couple, I got into the creative  flow.  I ended up using up all but three.  I really like the blend of colors on those and am not sure that inking over would improve them.  Perhaps I’ll just sell them as they are.

I investigated the aceo sleeves and they appear to have 1/2″ extra in both dimensions.  If that is true I will be able to punch a hole in the holder, keeping the tag intact and useable as an aceo.  I may decide to put in a white backing sheet (unattached) where someone could write a short note to be saved or discarded at a later time. I ordered the sleeves yesterday and will have to wait until they arrive to make a final decision.  In any case I have decided not to punch a hole. 

More tags II

 This has been a lot of fun and I have the next sheet ready for cutting.  I will probably cut it today and then start lay out for my next drawing.  These smaller projects are good for the down time when I am letting a picture rest so I can look at it with new eyes. 

And because I said I would show it, here is the last drawing.  It’s up in my etsy shop already.