Plant acrylic

Underlayment and pencil-up

Mostly painted

Since I couldn’t get to the watercolor board for my next piece (it was in my flat file cabinet and blocked by the panels of a dry sauna my husband bought but not yet assembled), I had to use what I already had out and available in the studio.  Between the cold weather and unseasonable snows, I am tired of waiting for spring.  I decided to make some of my own green with the acrylics.  It’s only a little painting at 10×8, so it didn’t take long and I’m pretty happy with it.

And an April Fool’s Day joke from Mother Nature  –  1-3 inches of snow predicted for this evening.  Fortunately it has been warm enough that it will mostly stick on the grass and melt off of the roads.  Next up on the table is a pen/watercolor of the Central Fire Station in Boise Idaho.  (I did finally get into the flat files for the board.  My husband will soon be in sauna heaven.)

Fruit Paintings: Part 3


And lastly a tomato and a pear.  I think I like these two the best out of the six.  I am varnishing them right now and should have all of these 8×10’s listed in my shop sometime this week.  It has been a fun break from the precision of all of that ink work.

After that, I think I’ll go back to a little drawing of three calves that I started way back last fall before the Christmas rush started.


Fruit paintings


After two months of line work, I felt I needed to do something very different for a little while.  Since I plan to do about a half a dozen of these, I felt that posting most of the preliminary work would be a bit tedious, so I will stick with a close to finished photo.

I went to the refrigerator and took a look at what was in there.  First up turns out to be an avocado and oranges.  I wanted to do something more free form and these are part of the results  after 3-4 painting sessions each.  I think I will look at them all again when the the whole batch is essentially done to make final adjustments before I list them in my etsy store.  As it turns out I will have two reds, two greens, and two orangish one.  It should make a nice variety of color for kitchen art.  Maybe I should add in something blue, too.  Blue berries?  I’ll have to buy some which will make John happy.


A few spring flowers

It was a busy week outside. I dodged 2″ of welcome rain over 3 days, getting several hours of weeding in and most of a day planting 150 vinca plugs on a hillside. In trying to avoid getting a farmer’s tan from all of the work in the sun, I managed to get sunburned. Not too bad, but not what I really wanted. Anyway, the vinca got planted and more weeds got pulled.  I hope I can get caught up with the yard work sometime in June, but who knows.  Spring has raced by already and July will be upon us before we know it.  (And berry season as well.  Yum.)

Daisy inked

Daisy inked

For some studio time, I decided to pick a few of the spring/summer flowers to paint.  The Chinese irises are out and the wildflowers have started to bloom in profusion.  The daisies in the yard and the fields tend to get mowed down, but the ones at the edge of the woods flourish nicely. They make wonderful bouquets and are a long lasting subject for a still life.  I drew this up yesterday and inked it up today.  I liked the combination of the white flowers and the deep purple irises.  I am in the middle of painting it now.  It is in keeping with smaller projects I want to stick to until July.  I like it, except for the daisy farthest to the right.  That one should probably be facing more to the side.  We’ll see what the painting part does with it.  I will probably end up defining the the daisies with more ink, but I didn’t want to overdo the initial phase.

Finished fruit watercolor

I worked a few more times on the watercolor and feel that it is basically finished. The computer has been down the last few days and in the shop so I couldn’t post a picture until today.  Pictures taken and no place to unload them.

Red fruit

I pretty much like the way the fruits have turned out, but the strawberry leaves are not quite what I hoped they’d be.  I think perhaps I may have to do a few leaf studies just to work out how I want to do it with the watercolors.  I like the textures of the raspberries and the strawberries that I achieved without the used of the pen.  The sheen on the pomegranate turned out okay too.  I just seem to get lost in giving the leaves enough definition, so perhaps it is time to just work on that.  My fingers are itching to use the ink on them, but I don’t think it would fit in with the rest of the painting and I don’t want to ink up the fruit.  I’ll probably get some of my house plants and use a few of their leaves since spring has not quite sprung yet, despite what the thermometer says today.