Number 4 out of 5

Little inked house

Little inked house

This has been a busy holiday season for me.  I received commissions for 4 architecturals and one pet portrait in the last 6 weeks. I’m happy to say I’m starting on the last one.

But first, this.  The father of the purchaser is selling his long time family home and his children wanted to give him a memento.  As with the others, I unfortunately had difficulty with the photo quality.  There was a line of trees directly in front so they had a hard time getting a shot which included the front door without using a wide angle lens. I ended up having to use a combination of a real estate listing photo and the the ones they took.

Black and white has its own difficulties compared with color.  I have to indicate the shadows and even the tone of the house without the aid of the pastels and yet not make it too dark.  I am still considering how to finish this.  The house is a medium green with dark shutters. I want to show that it is not white without losing it all in the foliage.  I haven’t decided, but maybe I’ll use a light grey wash.

I’d like to get this out tomorrow and get started on the last one.  It’s a 14″ x 10″ color so it will take a bit more time than this one.

Stained Glass Beauty

Stained glass beauty

After a long, long effort by our two kids, the stained glass is finally installed above the doorway. In honor of the name of our property, Wild Crane Overlook, it has a great blue heron standing in the water. (I know, I know, there is a difference between cranes and herons but crane sounded better in the name and herons are on the lake, so we’ll just pretend.)  It was not easy to get a photo as the back light from the window wanted to darken out the walls, but I got up early, before the sun got over the trees and took a picture.  There was just enough dawn light to see the window and not black out the walls.  I tried for a close up about a 20 minutes later and it didn’t work.

We are so happy with how it turned out.  The colors are wonderful with the timber frame and the green walls.  When we bought the doors we were told (incorrectly) that we couldn’t get the beveled glass in the arch top and it always looked so plain.  The good thing is that it allowed us to have the window done and I think it looks so much better that the beveled glass ever could.

Stained glass update

I thought a short update on the stained glass that  our kids are making for above our door was in order. After many hours of work, the soldering is done, the patina applied and the polish wiped off. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not yet able to get it into place this weekend as we had planned, but soon….soon it will be there.

Heron stained glass

In any case, a brief peek at the current state of affairs seems to be in order.  The colors have popped with the addition of the solder and I can finally see what it is going to look like (almost) when it is up.  The heron will watch over us, I think, for many years.  It is a wonderful gift from our kids and a beautiful addition to our foyer.

At a good place – 50 posts and counting

Well, I had hoped to mark my 50th post, but of course I forgot, so I’ll mention it today on the 51st. And who counts the first one anyway when all that is really said is “Hey, this is my first blog page”.  It seems so long ago that I started and had no idea what I was doing. This blogging thing is really something I had to take time and grow into. The great thing is that in only 6 months I have met so many kind and talented people.  I look forward to it all, even if I had no idea what I was getting into when I started.  It’s been so much fun so far.

On the art front, I am inking the picture already. It is going to take a little longer as it is a bit bigger than the ones I’ve recently done. It looks okay so far and I will take a picture at the inked in stage if I remember (senior moments not withstanding).

A few of my daffodils

On the homestead front, everything is growing like crazy. My daffodils are beautiful this year, the new forsythia had some blooms when I was afraid they weren’t going to make it through the drought and extra cold winter, the peepers are peeping, and the grass is growing. We have seen redwing blackbirds on the cattail remains, many hawks, and pileated woodpeckers repeatedly around the house. I am hoping for a picture of Tom or Jerry displaying to the turkey hens, but you know how that goes. Have to be in the right time and place.  All in all it has been a very satisfactory spring after such a hard, hard winter.

And to top it all, Jessica finished the foiling of the staind glass, so I thought another picture was in order.  Now “all” that is left is to solder and frame it.  Pretty nice, huh.

The foiled stained glass window

No end of winter blues here – 40 degrees seems like heaven

And the good news is that it  got up in the forties yesterday for a change.  I am so ready for spring this year. I saw today that the offical snowfall was about 34″ – 16 inches above normal.  No wonder that it has seemed to be such a long, hard winter.  It has been!  Anyway 1 day and counting down for my appointment.  It looks decent weather for tomorrow so I should be able to get there this time.  The extra week delay has been a killer for me and I really would like for it all to be over.  I wasn’t up for much studio time so the picture has set idle for a week.  I guess my “day later perspective” will be pretty good this time on it.  I do like the color so far and am almost ready for the final touches.

Since I still am a little on the out of commission side, here are a few pictures of the kids’ previous stained glass efforts.  They are scattered around the house where we can often see them. The photos don’t do justice to the colors. 

Justin's glass box

Justin's dragon triptic

Jessica's first lamp

Jessica's second lamp

The kids’ stained glass

I thought it would be of interest to post the stained glass the kids worked on last week when they took over my studio. My son worked out the design and bought the glass. They both cut and ground the pieces and layed them out. Jessica will do most of the foiling and Justin will return maybe in February so they can solder and put it all together. I can hardly wait.

Stained glass for over the entryway

Post holiday update

Well, I don’t know if I’m posting 2 days late or 1 day early. I have tried to regularly post on Sundays and Wednesdays and have been pretty much on schedule so far, but the holidays have a way of altering plans. We managed to have a white Christmas, but have had over 16″ of snow for the month – third most for recorded weather and more than enough for me. I guess I should be grateful that we didn’t get the east coast storm of the last few days.

I finally got to photograph some of the artwork out in the sun right before Christmas . The snow melted back enough from the door to put out my photo stand and sun shone enough to take decent pictures. I still am not totally happy with the photos because the yellow facade is not quite right, but will keep at it and post what I have for my latest drawing. I like the picture more and more as time goes by. Sometimes, that is the way it is. I liked it but was not overwhelmed by the way the picture turned out, but I let it sit for a few days while our son and daughter took over my studio to work on a stained glass window to go over the front door entrance way.  I made a few minor adjustments and am much more pleased.  I used pen and ink and pastels, with a little bit of colored pencil.

Here’s a link to an Etsy treasury with one of my cat drawings.  Sarah picked out some beautiful white items and I am pleased that she liked my “Gizmo” drawing.

Tomorrow, after I have unloaded my camera I will also  post a picture of the stained glass  window the kids are working on.  My studio was commandeered for the better part of the week, but it was worth it. The glass has all been cut out and next they will foil the pieces and then assemble it with lead solder.  I can hardly wait for it to be finished and installed.

Indiana streetscape black and white

Streetscape with pastel overlay