A little helping hand – or feet

I had already selected the companion piece to the last architectural so it didn’t take long to set up and start this painting.  Since the watercolor board was already cut to size and the photo was approximately the same size as the drawing, the pencil up and subsequent inking went relatively quickly.

I always do the pencil and the pen inking on my big drafting table which has a comfortable slant to it.  When I use watercolor paints or something that I am afraid will run, I have a large piece of plate acrylic that can I wedge beneath the table top and the drawer to make a flat work surface.  It is big enough that I can usually put the drawing, the paints, and the water on it.  So, I set everything up, placing the little drawing there and putting the watercolor palette next to it. I wanted the colors about the same, so I kept the mixtures from the last painting covered with the palette’s plastic lid to keep the dust out.  I removed the lid and quickly squirted in some distilled water with my medicine dropper and got down to work.  Nothing unusual there.

Abstract entryway 6

After placing only a few brush strokes, I noticed something moving out of the  corner of my eye.  When I glanced over to the palette, I was surprised to see Mr Spider sitting right in the red, tapping his feet and seeming to taste the paint.  For the life of me, I can’t tell how or when he got there. He was about the size of my thumb nail – big, fat, and furry black.  At this point, you must understand, when I was growing up I was terrified of spiders, and while I can tolerate them better these days, they are still not my favorite creature.  Especially not sitting next to me, checking out the watercolors.  While I probably could have gotten an interesting picture of him sitting in the paint, my main concern at the time was getting him OUT of there.  I wasn’t willing to risk him escaping to unknown parts around the workspace while I hunted up the camera and then reappearing suddenly to scare the dickens out of me.  So he and the palette took a quick trip out the door and I flicked him from the tray with a brush handle.  He sailed off into the grass, none the worse for wear, painted feet and all.

I came back into the house and managed to finish the painting.  All in all and despite the distraction, I like the way it turned out.  Again, I boldly put the yellow on first and then moved to the reds and browns, trying to keep the colors flowing.  The last thing I did was put in a few red flowers on the shrubbery.  When I looked at it with fresh eyes the next morning, I didn’t feel I needed to change anything, so I will now be off to list it in my etsy shop to finally make 100.