Watercoloring the German streetscape

Streetscap with watercolors added

Streetscape with watercolors added 

This drawing has quite a bit more color added to it than the previous one.  I started with painting the red timber trim and flower boxes and then moved on to the walls.  I left the upper area white but darkened the lower areas.  The brown building on the left also provided a nice contrast.  I grounded the building by darkening up the street.  Unlike the road in the last one with the brick patterns, this one has nothing to distinguish it.  I may decide to darken it up a little bit more.

I decided to get bold with the sky this time around.  I discovered that if I put some ink lines on another sheet of board and then wet them, I had a light watercolor to add quickly to the real painting.  I wet the sky area pretty well with clear water and then loaded up the brush from the prewatered lines.  I quickly dabbed the wide brush into the sky area and moved it around.  Prewetting the sky with plenty of water seemed to let the ink wash act more like watercolor and not just stain the board wherever I touched it.  I’m pleased with the effect.  Some of the pinks appear along with the blues, giving the sky some texture.

I’m not happy with the green foliage between the buildings so I’m just letting it sit a couple of days before I make any adjustments.  Maybe I’ll add some yellows to it.

Back to Germany

German street

German street

I worked all last week getting out the bookmark order. Seven sets of 4 was quite a bit of work.  I had to pull the prints, color them with extra watercolors, cut them into 4 pieces and laminate them.  Then I had to cut the laminated sheets apart into individual pieces and trim the corners round so that they weren’t so sharp.  I was pretty glad to get the 32 done. Everything went out today, so she will get them soon.  I think she’ll like them.

All caught up, I went back and brushed on the water to the latest German street drawing.  I’m pretty satisfied with it so far.  The water added the depth I wanted and I got bold enough to lay out some fluid ink for street.  That was tricky because once you brush it on, it tends to stay there, almost like it stains the board. Very little room for adjustment although you could dilute it more and spread some of the blue.  To do it, I put some lines of ink on another piece of board and added water.  I loaded up a  larger brush and laid it down on the picture. Interestingly enough, when I pulled off the fluid ink, what was left behind was pink.  Something else to play with.  Definitely, I will have to practice more.

I’m still thinking about how to do the sky.  I am afraid just plain watercolors there will not fit in with the mood created.  Maybe I will practice on some blank board on how that goes because I think it would improve the drawing.

Tomorrow I will add the watercolors.  The timbers are a nice red and I think I will keep that.