Classic Architecture in Ohio

It’s been one of those mornings already. I try to get online but our DSL service is down for a while.  When I finally am able to get on, I space my blog password and the one I had written down in the super secret location was the original one – not what I had changed to more recently. Fortunately I did have the aha moment where it came to me. These “senior moments” can be quite annoying sometimes. It doesn’t help either that I am trying to juggle about 20 passwords among all of the computer sites.
Anyway, problems solved for now. And it was a good week in the studio once I got caught up from the weekend away. I managed to stretch and paint a sheet of watercolor paper and also cut it up into various tag sizes.  They look pretty nice and I may just leave some of them as abstract art tags.  I’ll let them sit for a few days and then decide. 

Classic architecture

I went to the big box store and had the photos from Ohio printed out.  I am pleased with the pictures and have selected a lineup of about six to do.  I only have 2 or 3 of each house, but since I am doing this on my own and not as commissioned work, I have a little more freedom to do what I want. I don’t have a picture of this whole house and it looks a little more neo-gothic than Tudor, but it might have had some Tudor details to it on other parts of the house.  I really like the decorative cap over the windows and the limestone detailing around the door and windows.  Some of these homes were built back in the day when real stone carving was used. This particular house also has real slate tile roofing.  The tiles are quite large and beautifully colored.  The roof support that their weight requires must be enormous.  Anyway, here is a peek at the early stages of inking.  It will have red brick siding and blueish slate tiles with limestone accents when it is finished.  I’m not quite happy with the landscaping to the left of the door yet, but I’ll see what I can do.