Number 2 finally finished

Pastels finished

After several days of pastel and a bit of colored pencil, this one is finally finished .  Adding the white flowers is always a bit tricky as the fixative usually tends to fade it out, so the last thing is a bit of colored pencil over the top.  I played extensively with the greens of the foliage and the red and yellow flower colors.  Once again I am looking for a balance that was complicated by the barn in the background.  I didn’t want too much attention to be drawn away from the house, but the client was pretty firm that the barn was special too.  It turned out pretty well, I think.

Number 2 commission from inking


Number two commission is inked and boy did it take a while.  At 14″X9″ there is a lot of inking period, but this was complicated, too.  Getting the right black and white balance with the barn included was not easy.  I had to take more than the normal number of breaks to be able to judge the progress.  As usual, the art is better in person than in my photo.  The pastels are a breeze after the pencil layout and inking.

Colored up cattle farm

All colored up

All colored up

It’s done and in the mail.  I’m pretty happy with the way the color turned out.  As I’d hoped, the fixative spray popped all of those greens nicely. Surprisingly, I had more trouble with the shadowed areas up on the hill rather than than all of that grass.  I couldn’t get it too dark up there or I would totally lose the foreground.  I put some yellow flowers in the front field to keep the eye from moving around too quickly in all of that green.

The red barn is a nice focal point.  It does overpower the house a bit, but what would you expect for red versus white?  The fencing turned out not too obtrusive, just a suggestion except where boards were used and then merely accented the structure nearest.  This almost makes me want to try another landscape.  All that grass actually was a little bit fun.