Finished with pastels

This was a hard one. I probably had at least an extra day in each phase, if not two. The house itself was very complicated to lay out with its almost modular, broken up form, as were the trees in the landscaping. Colorwise, it is almost bi-chromatic (is that a word?) being predominantly gray and green. I had to find a way to accent with some other colors for establishing depth and visual interest. Fortunately, even if there were no flowers to speak of, I was able to use the pink of the garage doors and some yellow in the grass and trees to help break up the color. The chimney and the patio furniture helped some too. I ended up being pleased with it. It is actually one of the few portraits that I have done that I could see the finish of in my head before I started. Mostly I let portraits take me where they want to go. For some reason, this was different.

Number three inked


Happy Mother’s Day to all today. Incuding me!!  It’s pretty chilly today as the low was only in the forties overnight and the high should be in the fifties with rain.  The lake is actually just slightly steaming.  Last year it was in the upper eighties.  Quite the difference.  Mom will be spending the day here with us, while both of my kids are in Idaho.  Hooray for FaceTime.

The inking went very quickly once I made the final decision on the placement of the house and finished the pencil up with the altered size.  It’s a good thing the house shape itself was simple because I moved it quite a few times.  There is not much in the background in terms of trees, but the landscaping in front is nice and colorful.

Well, I got my wish

Colorado cabin

Colorado cabin

Well, I got my wish. Just as I was starting the inking for the Jasper, Indiana, streetscape, I got an inquiry for a Christmas home portrait.  A woman is having a portrait done of her parents’ Colorado cabin as a gift.

I had the darnedest time getting the enlargements made for this.  She sent me 2 screen shots which were labeled as jpegs and which I could see in my computer picture files that turned out to have issues when I tried to make some crops for details in photoshop.  It kept telling me that something was wrong with the file and photoshop wouldn’t open it at all.  It was with great trepidation that I took the flash drive into the big box store to make the enlargements, even though they showed up on it and I could open them at home.  Sure enough, their computer/printer couldn’t see the file.  However, I got the bright idea to try the expensive branded photo kiosk instead of the cheaper “house” ones.  And what do you know, there they were.  I showed the department manager my problem and he let me have the good ones, but only pay for the cheaper version.  It was a  big relief that I got anything at all.  I would have paid for the more expensive ones at any rate, because the return trip cost would have outweighed any cash savings.

Anyway, after my short drama, I went ahead and made the pencil drawing and started the sketch.  Inking starts tomorrow.