A very little visitor

Two weeks ago I was walking out the back  to take the pictures of the spreading petunias and I saw this tiny visitor on one of the plastic chairs on my patio.  She was less that 1″ big and the only reason I saw her was that she moved a little when I walked past.  I quickly ducked back into the studio to change lenses from the wide-angle telephoto to the macro.  Fortunately, she cooperated and stayed there until I got back.

A teeny, tiny preying mantis

It was a little bit harder getting the photo, though, because I had to get fairly close to take the picture.  She kept skittering across the top of the chair.  I wanted to get a side shot of her so that it would be clear what she was.  Back and forth across the back of the chair I chased her.  But she didn’t try to jump off or fly away and I finally took enough photos that I felt one would be good enough.  She really was a  pretty green, without the brown from a larger set of wings.

Growing up, I never was afraid of bugs in general.  I found all of nature vastly fascinating.  Once I brought back a full-grown mantis that was over 6″ long from Grandma’s house.  We fed her crickets that we found around the yard.  I’ll spare you the gory details, but it was all quite interesting to me.  The only exception was spiders.  I would run away screaming if I saw one.  Wolf spiders were especially awful.  I’ve gotten better over the years and can tolerate smaller ones these days, but let me just say I don’t go looking for trouble.  The rule stands, outside the house you are safe, inside, no holds barred even if it is John who does the holding.

One of these days I think I am going to sit in the chair that the mantis occupied and try some plen air drawing.  The view is quite lovely and it would be wonderful to relax with my pen and ink or whatever and just play around.