A Florida abstract architectural using positive and negative space



This has been a weekend of cool, rainy weather, perfect for spending time in the studio.  It is pouring again for the umpteenth time, even as I write this.

Before I started, I decided I wanted to take advantage of the beautifully colored landscaping in my pictures from Florida.  I created a colorful background to use as the basis for the abstract architectural.  This time I used a 10″x10″ piece of watercolor board to shorten the prep time necessary and also so I could work on a smaller scale. Here you can see the background I prepared earlier today. Again, because I had a photo in mind, I placed the colors with a little bit of purpose.  I let it dry and then actually remembered to take a photo before I began the inking.

...and after

…and after

I based this sketch on an interesting photo of a backyard pond and bridge.  I used the nib pen for a change and unfortunately it managed to leak a large drop of ink (twice!) while I was working on the bridge, so this also became an exercise in positive and negative space.  After it happened the second time, I figured there was something wrong with the nib itself so I discarded it and used a spare.  I will look at this tomorrow and see if the black still looks balanced enough and if I need to add a bit more color. I think I will add something for shadowing, just as I did with the porch on the last one. I was so mad over the ink blots that I forgot to do that, which may be why it doesn’t look quite right yet.  That will only take a short period of time to do, but should vastly improve the watercolor.