New pond painting

The underpainting and drawing

First acrylic layer

I really love these pond paintings. There is something so freeing about putting on the paint here. I concentrate on the colors more than the absolute structure of the image and let the brushes fly.  So different form the pen and ink work.

I wanted to put in the reddish reflections from the Boise Train Depot roof on the upper area to pop up the color palette.  It’s not quite right yet, but I am working on it.

What’s up next?

Fall on the lake

It is very windy outside today with wind gusts 30 to 40 mph.  If you look closely you can see the wind across the pond making little “whitecaps”.  Fortunately the temps are getting into the 70’s so it is not a cold day, at least when you’re in the sun.  I’m sure it will cool quickly as the sun goes down though.  The recent rains and winds have blown many of the leaves off of the trees so I don’t know how much longer we will have the fall colors.  At least some color developed after the rains finally came.  For a while it looked as though everything would just turn brown.  I am not, not, not looking forward to winter.  We saw a herd of deer last evening on our side of the lake, the first in quite a while.  It was too dark to tell if their coats had lost the ragged whiteness we had previously seen or if the buck was with them.  I hope it is just a temporary condition that the coming of the winter coats will resolve.

Today my workspace is covered with streetscape photos from Key West FL, Park City UT, and southern Indiana.  I pulled out everything I had to search for inspiration and have almost decided on what to do next.  I ordered some new watercolors this week , so the gourd still life will have to wait a little bit. With any luck the paints will get here quickly. I’m glad fall gourds are sturdy and should last quite a while. I plan to create a variety of the still lives from them, interspersed with architecturals.  I have found that I need a little variety in the subject matter to stay fresh and inspired.  I swear it’s the deciding what to do that is the hardest part of it all.  Once I get started on a piece, I can work it through to completion with little difficulty, but those initial choices can be quite trying.

Holiday aceos

I have been working on a few new aceos lately.  I thought I might do a set for holiday and Halloween use and make some digital copies.  I should just run up another watercolor blank that has blues and greens predominating so that there will be little more color variety.  It would be a good project when I am letting the architectural set.  It doesn’t take a lot of  time at each step, but the overall process is several days because of the drying time.

A frosty morning – with some steam

When we got up this morning, the outdoor thermometer said 38 degrees. There were a few patches of light frost in the lower areas but I am hoping that the tomato and herb plants survived.  They are on the side of the house on a slope, so I think that the colder air might have slid right past, down to the lake.

Steaming lake

The pond was steaming profusely, so I went and got the camera for a few pictures before it burned off.  Sure enough, if I had waited even half an hour, it would all have been gone.  While I am glad the excessive heat and dryness of the summer has passed, I hope we have a long, mild fall.  And a short, mild winter for a change.  The past few winters have been quite cold and snowy and I think we all could do with a break.  The wildlife seems to be hiding out lately.  I have seen only a few deer in the evening along with the usual squirrels.  Surprisingly we have a few mink living in the vicinity.  We see them on occasion, often just when I start to wonder if someone has illegally set traps here and gotten them.  They are so much fun to see – aways a surprise and never for long.  I usually see them on my way out along the drive and never when I have my camera.  They look like the ferrets in the pet store, only minky brown of course.

It hasn’t gotten cold enough in the house yet to to turn on the furnace and since it is supposed to get back up into the 70’s this week, I am determined not to turn it on yet.  It is supposed to be clear every day so the house should stay warm with the radiance of the sun, even without the furnace going on.