Red Brick Pharmacy

Smith's Pharmacy

Smith’s Pharmacy

I worked a few hours at a time on this streetscape commission over the past week and sprayed it once.  It’s not quite finished in the photo because I had to take the picture while the daylight held.  Studio lights just don’t make it for photography.  I have darkened up the shadows as well as deepened the colors on the front facade and sidewalk to add depth.  I watercolored the blue for the signs because it was too narrow to do neatly with the pastels.  I have softened that vivid blue a bit with some cream and beige pastels.  All in all it’s shaping up nicely and I will get it in the mail as soon as the weather improves.

Next up I will be making a few more of the cookie mold paper ornaments.  I sold the angel and the sheep in my etsy store and will be replacing them.  I have a few others I can do for Valentine’s Day and Easter so it will be kind of a crafty week.