Fall gourds II

Fall painting

Did you ever have one of those lost weeks? Or two?  That was me in recent days. I started painting this 2 1/2 weeks ago and the three sit downs were separated by close to a week each because “real life ” intruded. I finally got it to a passable stage late last night. I decided to work in the evening which I don’t often do.  I was determined to have something to post today.

As I said, I felt it needed something to go on the left to balance the composition so I decided to put an onion there.  I thought the colors would match well.  I wasn’t really happy with the overall definition, so I decided to take Cindy’s suggestion to add some ink and I think I’m glad I did.  I tried to also tone down the orange a little although it is not as overpowering in the actual painting as in the picture.  I think this is one of those works that I may have to let sit a while before I really decide if I like it.  Overall I think it has some good qualities, but I am not quite sure in the back of my head if it will stay that way.  I’m hoping to have a lot more time in the studio this  and I look a this maybe next week.

More abstract flowers

I tried to stay cool this week, but it hardly seemed possible if I went outside. Yesterday was the 22 consecutive day in a row of 90+ degrees. It is just hot, hot, hot out there.  I keep missing the total number of days above 90 for the summer but it has to be getting up there.  The dryness of the ground is unbelievable.  Overly humid air that doesn’t rain and rock hard, cracking earth make it an uncomfortable time for every living thing.  We got almost .3″ of rain Saturday night, but it seemed merely a drop in the bucket.  By Sunday afternoon you would never have guessed we had gotten anything at all.

Black eyed susans

The heat and drought have taken a toll on my flowers, but I went out and picked what I could, including some black-eyed susans, petunias, and some more day lilies for live studies  I decided to try the susans first so I could work at keeping the yellow values brighter.  I first layered in cadmium yellow and then added the darker colors.  Since I had to spend most of my painting time this week  in the evening under my daylight fluorescents it was hard to get true color values.  The photo is a little more vivid than the actual painting, but all in  all it is a fair representation.  At this point, I feel it is just okay.  Perhaps I am getting a little bored with the flowers at this point and just need to move to something else right now.  I will let it sit for a few days and then look at it again.  

Lily revisited

I also decided to revisit the last day lily painting.  I had felt the overall balance was a little off with the greenery  at the bottom so I went back and added a little more.  I like it better now and will probably let it go at that.  I picked a few of my fresh tomatoes and some small green apples from an old apple tree growing in the upper field yesterday, so I’ll probably do these this week as a change of pace.

A good day to be inside

We are having the first snowfall of the year today.  It’s mostly just a dusting with a little blowing around, but it is a good day to be inside and catch up on computer tasks and then spend the afternoon in the studio.  A few months ago I bought some acid free blank greeting card stock and I think I might play around with that next.  I tried working on some animal portraits, but they weren’t going especially well, so something else is in order.

I have let the last picture sit for a few days and am finally happy with it.  It is a mixed media of pen and ink, watercolor, and firm pastel, and colored pencil.  I like the play of the stonework with the blue door and the terra cotta colored trim.  Very west coast looking.  I found this house on the way to a wedding.  Always take your trusty camera with you.  Digital cameras are a great boon.

The outdoor light for pictures is not great today but what the heck.  I tried an outdoor shot and the wind tried to pick up and blow away the drawing.  Not good.   I decided to take  the pictures inside under my outdoor flourescents and Ott table light this time.  They seem to be okay, but I will rephotgraph it again again when the weather is better just to compare.  I really do prefer the natural light.  Once again I will show the black and white underdrawing and then the finished artwork.

B&W underdrawing

Isn't color wonderful

Out my window

Here is a look out my studio window. Fall has arrived and the lake is down because of the extreme lack of rain.

I want to start featuring a piece of my past artwork every week and then posting what I am working on currently several times a month. Hopefully, this will serve as inspiration for the creative process.

As you can see, I do most of my work with a pen and ink base and then overlay color onto it. I use hard pastel chalk, watercolor, and colored pencil – whatever I feel will work best with the subject matter.