Finished commission

I must say that this was not an easy building to color.  They changed the painted brick from a rather lively red tone to an off white with light and dark gray accents.  I personally find is one of the most difficult combinations colors of homes to do.

DC townhouse

The surrounding homes still had a lot of color, but trying to make a basically black and white house distinctive is not something I find rolls off of the tips of my fingers and eyes automatically.  I had to find colors in the shadows of the building that complement the overall aspect and try to add some vibrancy in with the limited landscaping.  I am generally pleased with the outcome.  I put in a little maroon into the shade and added some color highlights here and there.  They wanted no window treatments, which meant I had to take them off of the other windows lest the neighbors’ windows outshine the main feature. 

Working with my firm pastels on a 6×8 was also on the more difficult side.  This reminded me why I usually work with bigger sizes when making architectural renderings.  It is not easy to get those sticks into small areas.  I used the q-tips liberally for blending colors and finished up some of the finer details with colored pencil.

One of these days I am really going to have to take up Photoshop Elements so that I can get truer digital representations of my work.  The color is slightly off and it really has a softer aspect than seen here.

I think now that I am going back to the watercolor experiments.  I bought 2 nice watercolor instruction books at a going-out-of- business Border’s store last week.  I am thinking of some small scale paintings on some of my archival cardstock so I can put them up on Etsy, but I haven’t totally decided yet.  I may try a few more gift tags or aceos just to loosen up after this.