Lily pad linos

Linocut with color added
Hand pulled linocut

I tried something different with my lily pad photos last week. What do you think of these? I like them, especially the watercolored one. I do like to mix things up a bit once in a while so my brain doesn’t turn to much and I hadn’t done a new linocut in a while. They are now available in my etsy shop.

Japanese maple linocut

Japanese maple print

After I sold several linocut prints this spring, I decided to cut a few new ones.  I wanted to experiment with some new printing papers at the same time, so I ended up making this new piece and printing it and the replacement ones for sale simultaneously.

I have a lovely Japanese maple tree outside my front door which provided the inspiration for this piece.  One year we had a very early spring and the tree fully leafed out way too soon.  When we had the inevitable later frost, the tree was severely damaged and I though I might lose it.  I did some serious pruning on it and after a few years of looking on the funky side, it is now back to normal and I look at it with pleasure every day.

An architectural linocut

Studio linocut

Studio linocut

I was watching the British Antiques Roadshow program today and it gave me an idea for my next project.  Someone had brought in a lovely architectural woodcut to be appraised and I really liked it.  While I am sure mine is not as good as the one I saw, I am relatively pleased with it.  You may recognize the subject matter.  It is the same studio that was accepted into the art show last summer.

It is hard to really delineate the various plantings with the limited tools I have, but I tried to to vary the cuts to indicate different foliages.  I will let it sit until tomorrow to see what I might want to change.  This view of the cut gives a good idea of what a black and white print would look like.  I think it would also look pretty good in a colored version.