April showers in March

At last we are getting rain instead of snow. A gray day today, but that is fine with me.  The temperatures were in the 60’s yesterday so spring is on the horizon.

A grand house

A grand house

I have been looking at working with this set of photos for a quite a while, but have been slightly intimidated by the deck behind the crenelations.  I need to define its presence to separate the fore structure from the large window and the perspective works against it. I decided to just dive in and let the shading handle it.

The soft brownish brick has accents of limestone surrounding the windows and door.  The whole left gable has zig-zaggy brick for added visual interest.  The bay window is a weathered copper and the roof, as would be expected in a home this elegant, is slate.  The pencil up is mostly finished and I will start the inking today.  Sorry about the paleness of the photo, but the pencil never shows well on the very white board.

This one doesn’t feel quite like a true Tudor to me because the timber work  looks somewhat like an afterthought, but I rather like it anyway.