More bookmarks

New bookmarks

New bookmarks

Now that the holiday commissions are finished, I decided to add a few new things to my etsy shop. I sold a bunch of bookmarks as Christmas gifts and needed to replace them. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be nice to make a few romantic ones as well as to replace the linocut sets.

Next, I’m back to the Jasper streetscape from a month ago.


Getting the bookmarks ready for sale

It has been a long process getting the bookmarks ready for sale. I spent a whole day getting the courage to actually cut up the artwork – even though it had sat for years unloved in a drawer. It was not quite good enough to market, but too good for the circular file just yet. I am so happy now that I did it. The pieces are so much more pleasing than the whole drawings were. I am thinking of going back and raiding a few more. What good is a piece of artwork doing, stuck in a file cabinet? And it makes a piece of artwork affordable, fun, and useful, all at the same time.

After some thought, I decided to laminate them. The 120 lb watercolor paper was too thin by itself and rather unsuitable for the task at hand. I investigated the lamination process and thought I had it all figured out.  I ran a few test pieces at a big box store in different mil sizes  that turned out well.  Unfortunately, when I went back a few days later to do the rest, I was told that the policy had changed for the 3 mil size that I liked best and there was now a minimum per piece price instead of by the square foot.  Major bummer and just my luck.  This rendered them too expensive to run that way.  I had to go back to the heavier mil lamination to get the price per piece down.  Counterintuative, but that’s just the way things are.  At this point, if things go well, I’ll go buy my own laminator in the near future. 

Here are two samples of the laminated bookmarks – one on thicker paper and one on thinner.  I’m going to sell a single or in groups of three.  Both are now listed.

Mixed media bookmark

Laminated watercolor bookmarks