Final of 2

All done

The watercolor of number two was sky blue and white.  I ended up adding some flowers in the front for a little pop of color.  This was a well timed gift.  The parents closed on selling their longtime home on December 23 and their adult children were able to give this to them on Christmas day.  I am so glad it worked out that way.  USPS really came through for me this holiday season.

Next one up

A simple ranch

A simple ranch

I opted to take the simplest one of the remaining three to do next. My eyes and brain need the rest. LOL  It would appear that this was a wedding at someone’s residence.  The house has white siding, asphalt shingles and a massive stone fireplace.  It’s not quite as exotic as the last one, but it is lovely in its own way.  I will enjoy all of that lush landscaping, too.

I’m back from vacation and back to work

New commission

New commission

What happens when you try to go on a little vacation in the dead of winter after the Christmas holidays?  That’s when someone decides that she needs a commission piece done for a February birthday gift. Right in the middle an out of town trip to visit family, I got a request for an 8×10 architectural watercolor and a few days before I returned the etsy listing was purchased.  So there I am, happy to have a job to come back to, when the woman who has had me draw wedding venues as gifts the last couple of years contacts me about doing four 8×10 pen and inks for her.  So I am back in the studio and booked for February.  Yippee.

This first one has quite lovely landscaping, with irises and peonies flanking the pebbled concrete stairs.  The facade is various sized rough stone work with an archway over the front door.  I think it’s going to be quite lovely when it’s done.

Snow and rain outside, warm and dry inside

It seemed like a miracle to me, but I actually got two consecutive days of work in at the studio. Yesterday I spent a few hours coloring in with the pastels and adding a little greenery here and there to the pen and ink.  As I worked, I saw the rain outside my windows turn slowly to the first snow of the season and my heart gave a little lurch.  It wasn’t supposed to snow until later in the evening.  Was this a preview of things to come?  I hoped not.  I vote for a mild winter for a change.  Fortunately, even though we got a little more snow in the evening, the ground was still warm enough that it didn’t stick on the roadways and the total amount was relatively small.  Chalk up the first snow.

Tudor style

Anyway, I ended up adding a little shrubbery to the lower right.  After inking in the chimney, the expanse of brick seemed way too big so I put in some more greenery.  I’m not sure that it is enough but we’ll see.  I’m not quite happy with it yet.  I need to finish the shadowing too.  For instance, I forgot the shadow of the gable on the slate so the roof looks a little odd up there.  Easy enough to fix.  I may add some brighter flowers at the bottom for more visual interest.  I also need to re-delineate some of the ink lines to sharpen them up a little and use some colored pencil.  It’s not that far from finished but it seems the last details sometimes make or break a drawing.

I only gave it a light spray to pop the colors because of the rain.  I have to spray outside because of the fumes.  I hugged close to the house to give it a quick dose but I was leery of the eave drips falling on it and ruining my effort.

Creating artwork destined for the circular file – the good, the bad , and the ugly


The good

You know we all do it – create some piece of art that just does’t work. But what to do with it?  Do we keep stacks of bad along with the good in the hope that it can be salvaged at a later date or make the decision that not everything we create is worthy of studio space?  Some time ago, I came to the decision that it was okay to pitch

something that I didn’t like.  Perhaps two household moves have helped with the decision and the inability to have much out when we lived in the interim condo.  Anyway, I have decided that if I don’t like something after creating it and then several weeks of letting it sit out of the way hasn’t improved my opinion, that it is okay to get rid of it.  Sometimes, too, the exact opposite occurs and something that I really liked originally starts to bother me and I see all the flaws start to pop out and I have to touch it up a little.  Then, the danger is overworking.

Where is this all leading to?  Well, last week I decided to play around at the art table.   I wanted to do something a little different and thought that creating a line of bookmarks and gift tags for my etsy store would be just the ticket.  I took some heavy watercolor paper and experimented with watercolor washes and pen and ink.  For a few I did the water color first and for the others I sketched out some pen and ink first.  And after several hours in the studio, this is what I got – not much worth anything.  I guess you could look at it not as time wasted, but as exercize for the creative muscles.  It still felt mostly like a bad studio session.  One bookmark that I

  like, several that were okay and half destined for the circular file.

The fair


The ugly


Also, here is the link to my latest etsy listing – because I did like the way it turned out.