Great blue heron in the pond

Great blue heron on the shore

When I downloaded my camera for the latest artwork pictures, this was on it, too. It was taken a couple of weeks ago after the leaves had fallen.  I put on the zoom lens and took the picture though the window so I wasn’t sure if it would turn out, but it seems okay.

We saw the big buck again and counted at least 8 points.  Once again it was too dark for a picture and it was hard to count the tines but we all agreed that it was at least 8 and maybe more.  I’d really like to get a picture of him to draw.  

I have decided to take  my acid free greeting cards and do a set either for framing or mailing – subject up in the air as of now, but maybe something inspired by the wildlife we have seen lately.  I am also thinking of making a set of gift tags and bookmarks inspired  from my architectural and animal art.  I need to increase the variety and number of things in my etsy store and this might be a fun way to do it.