Two more gel prints

Palm trees


I made wo more gel prints, but neither one has made me really happy.  The palm trees were not distinct enough when I pulled the print and I had to touch it up afterwards.  At least I remembered to put in the texture on the final layer.

Not so much on the dragonfly one.  I was happy with the pulled print, but I forgot to add the bubble wrap texture on the final layer.  I think it would have added something, but maybe not.  Since I penned in the veining on the wings, maybe it would have all melded together.  Who knows.

These are all works in progress with a lot of experimentation (deliberate or not LOL).  So far I am having fun and I seem to be selling more prints in my etsy shop, so what the heck.  I’ll keep on trying.

Another gelli print

Pencil drawing

On the plate

Hand pulled print

I made a second gelli print and it turned out much better to my eye than the first one.  This one looks a bit like a primitive after the pull.  I did remember to use the little bubble wrap sheet to texture the background.  Of all of the ones I have done so far this is the one I like best.

There is definitely a learning curve to this technique, but it is fun because I never know how it will turn out until I pull the print.  Sometimes I figure the layer sequence not quite correctly and sometimes not all of the paint piulls off, but that adds its own charm.  They are definitely monoprints because I could never reproduce them, even if I tried to do the same thing again.

Gel prints with acrylics

Gelli plate print

So I finally found an acrylic art class to go to this spring. I have been wanting to take something ever since I started back with acrylics last year.  So much has changed, material wise, in 40 years and I needed to update myself on current paints, additives, and methodologies. Who would have thought that now there are acrylics as thin as watercolors.

Anyway, on the first day, I made a gel print.  It used to be that gel plates for monoprinting were hand-made with real gelatin powder and used for a day or two before discarding.  Now, you can buy a plastic substrate that performs like a real gel plate but doesn’t degrade. I never tried this before so it was an interesting experience.  I was able to borrow a small plate to experiment with that first day but I didn’t get to do much more than a single print before I moved on to something else.

I went ahead and bought 8×10 and 5×7  “gelli plates” for my own use at home. Fortunately, they have arrived in time for the last two classes so I will be trying some more complicated things out with a little supervision before I dive in on my own.  I also found a few books to help guide me along and I will have to check out youtube.

This class has been mostly abstract in nature, quite different from my normal work I know, but I am mostly interested in learning about new materials and technologies rather than subject matter.  So far, I’ve been very happy with the experience.  Pour painting is next.