Fish Linocut

fish linocut

Fish linocut

The linocuts were talking to me midst the tile debacle and I did a few quick sketches of animals for kid’s room art. I settled on a fish cut, a rooster, and a rabbit. Here is the first one – a stylized fish. I am still debating if I should cut out the head portion. I wouldn’t do scales on it, just a solid cut.  I have sketched in a few lines on the upper fin, but I am inclined to leave the rest of the fins as they are.  For the colored print I would use a dark yellow on the body and make him a fancy goldfish.  The three framed together would make a good tryptic artpiece.

As an update on my tile tribulations, I found a library book that gave me a few helpful hints and as soon as I can print up a few more transfer sheets, I will try again.  Evidently, I have been ironing them too long and that contributes to the smearing.