Spring has sprung

We just got back from a few days away and it is amazing how much everything has grown in the mean time. The daffodils have been liking the cooler weather this year and have already lasted two weeks. The vinca has come back with a vengeance and is blooming like crazy. There were even a few blooms on the forsythia I planted last year. With the extended drought last summer and into fall, and then the long, cold, snowy winter, I was really afraid that a lot of plants wouldn’t make it. instead, all of the flora seems to have been invigorated this spring. Maybe all of the snow cushioned the cold and since we had so many smaller snows, the ground was slowly resaturated. I don’t know, but the flowers are really beautiful this spring.

Grand entryway

I  did finish the color on the entryway before we left, but  I wanted to let it sit for a short while so our short trip was perfect.  The photograph is not the greatest because it is raining outside and I am depending on my studio lights.  It is hard to get the balance of color and sharpness with just the fluorescents even though they are full spectrum.  I will try again later and maybe tomorrow when we are supposed to have some sun and replace it with a sharper one.  Sometimes the camera seems to have a mind of its own.  I normally take 2-3 shots that should be exactly the same and they turn out slightly different.  I am just not that great with the camera and usually let volume of pictures help compensate.  Heck, if National Geographic takes a thousand pictures for its articles, why can’t I take a few dozen if I need to.

I am thinking also perhaps doing a few aceos with aspects of architecture and see how they turn out.  I still have some of the last group left and it might be artistically freeing.  I already have the latest picture lined out and that would be a good project when I want to let the larger picture rest.

And a link to it on etsy.


Onward and upward – into the raised entryway

A lovely entryway

The weather has been so beautiful for a few days in a row that it is hard to pull myself back into the studio and not get out into the gardens.  However, I did manage to finish inking in the latest drawing as I had hoped and have actually pretty much now colored it too.  I was really attracted to this house by the wonderful glass accents on the entryway.  Is that a sun porch in the front or a grand foyer? It makes me want to go inside and see.

I have been using the Faber-Castell pastels on this, instead of watercolors and put in a little detail with colored pencils.  I stopped after I sprayed the workable fixative because I was just fiddling and I really need to let it rest for a day.  I could see some things to work on, especially re-inking in the foliage, but I decided to wait and get a fresh view today.  It is so easy to make a snap decision at this stage and end up overworking it.  I should have it done very soon.  I think for my next few drawings, I am going to find interesting parts of buildings.  I enjoy the intricate details of older architecture when all of these extras were deemed more necessary and I guess were more affordable.

I spent the rest of yesterday making some more aceos.  I am really enjoying filling up the down time in the middle of a picture doing these.  I bought a package of sixty sleeves and am filling them up rather quickly.  I had my team’s baseball game on in the background (hooray for the start of baseball season) and in some ways it felt more like play than work. 

Here is the one I listed today.


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