Mr. Turtle linocut

Box turtle linocut

When I decided to make another linocut after the Japanese maple leaf one, I once again fell to the pleasure of my box turtle friends.  I recently determined that there are actually 2, if not three Mr. Turtles wandering my flower beds.  I knew for sure that I had at least two when I was able to definitely identify two separate shell patterns.  One had the markings more splotchy and melded together than the other, which had rather distinct stripes.  There was a size difference too.

I think the one depicted here is Mr. Turtle Jr. with the slashy stripes.  Mr. Turtle Sr.  is quite a bit bigger. and has the more muddled markings.

Mr. Turtle III is marked with a combination of the two others.  Also, his size just seemed to be off of what I recalled of the other two.  Smaller maybe and he seemed to be leerier of me than the others, pulling himself inside his shell when I approached.  The others just kind of look up at me and stay out as long as I don’t try to pick them up.  Whatever.  He will get to know I mean him no harm if He continues to visit.

Mr. Turtle is back

Mr. Turtle

Mr. Turtle

With all of the warm weather lately, I have been spending some of my mornings in the flowerbeds.  The nice temperatures and intermittent rains have started the morning weeding chores.  I had just finished one of the lower beds to the side of my studio and when I got up, there was Mr. Turtle almost beside me in the grass.  He was trucking right along (for a turtle, anyway) to the beds next to the gazebo.  I had been concerned about him after the sticky paper incident last fall because I hadn’t seen him after we cleaned and then freed him, so this was so wonderful for me to see.

I raced back into the house to get my camera.  By the time I got back he had moved under the edge of the evergreen shrubs where I had been weeding.  Much to his dismay, I plucked him up and set him down a few feet away so I could take his picture.  Shortly thereafter he continued on his journey.  I hope to see him often over the summer.  We’re kind of like pals after all of these years.