More bookmarks

New bookmarks

New bookmarks

Now that the holiday commissions are finished, I decided to add a few new things to my etsy shop. I sold a bunch of bookmarks as Christmas gifts and needed to replace them. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be nice to make a few romantic ones as well as to replace the linocut sets.

Next, I’m back to the Jasper streetscape from a month ago.


Little watercolor still life

I made a triple cut mat for the first time for a holiday gift and decided to use the leftover pieces for some small pieces of artwork.  I had to practice what I was doing before I made the actual mat, so I had several small cut outs to use as possible mats.



You might have noticed that I rarely make a piece where the predominant color is blue. The mat was blue/gray so I decided to use it as a color inspiration.  I laid out a small piece to fit the inside of the mat, but wouldn’t you know, when I penciled out the size, I did it incorrectly.  I made it too short.  Since I colored it edge to edge I couldn’t use it with the mat.  Fortunately, I like the way it turned out.  I have been obsessing a little bit with dragonflies lately and I thought that one with blue wings would be a great idea.  I love seeing them around the house and pond.  The iridescence of their wings is always so beautiful as they flit around.  I went with a complementary color palette for the background to set him off.  Too much blue if I went for a water effect.  I went for cattail colors.

Vase_4770When I redid the layout for another small painting, I was more careful and ended up with the still life you see here.  I think I like the dragonfly more than the vase.  The vase isn’t quite properly grounded and although I have fiddled with it some, it is still not right.  I think I will let it sit a few months and then look at it.  It may only need a simple fix, but I can’t see it yet.

Dragonflies in black and white

dragonfly_4680I was away for about 5 days last week so there wasn’t much work done in the studio. While I was gone, I had the idea to do a dragonfly linocut.  I spent yesterday afternoon laying it out and then transferring it to the block.  I let it sit a few hours to decide what I wanted to do in the background and then did the basic cut out.  I am in the midst of deciding on the details, especially in the wings.

I think one of the reasons the linocuts are appealing to me now is the positive/negative space that it deals with.  Same as with the pen and ink, I have to balance to two.  I can’t do it in fine lines like I do with the ink, so I have to do it with texture.  Even if I add a bit of watercolor I still have to like the play of the ink and paper.

On the surprising side, the watercolor eraser I bought from Cheap Joe’s worked on the daisy painting.  I was able to lift enough of the yellow “mistake” to put it up for sale.  I am sure it took a little bit of the paper surface off, but I was very careful and it looks fine.

I will move back to the architecturals after I finish this linocut.  I have picked out a Nashville photo and will work on a little smaller scale for the next few.