Two more gel prints

Palm trees


I made wo more gel prints, but neither one has made me really happy.  The palm trees were not distinct enough when I pulled the print and I had to touch it up afterwards.  At least I remembered to put in the texture on the final layer.

Not so much on the dragonfly one.  I was happy with the pulled print, but I forgot to add the bubble wrap texture on the final layer.  I think it would have added something, but maybe not.  Since I penned in the veining on the wings, maybe it would have all melded together.  Who knows.

These are all works in progress with a lot of experimentation (deliberate or not LOL).  So far I am having fun and I seem to be selling more prints in my etsy shop, so what the heck.  I’ll keep on trying.

Dragonfly linocut

Dragonfly print

Dragonfly print

I let the block sit for a day and then made my final decisions on further cutting. I knew that I wanted to put in the veining on the wings to add texture, but the real choice was whether or not to add more on the reeds and the body.  In the end I didn’t want to lose the definition of the wings with too much overlapping texture in the background so I left them alone except for  bit on the body segments.

I did have fun with the addition of the watercolors.  I made two prints to color, knowing I was going to use my new turquoise paint on one of them.  I wanted to evoke a sense of water in the background rather than more vegetation.  I thought this blue would do the trick and not be overly dark.

Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly

I actually had to paint it twice because the first time was a bit too pale.  I have a tendency not to use blue a great deal and I misjudged the depth of color I wanted.  I did one in the mossy green, too, and if you want to see it, head over to my shop to the prints section.

Dragonflies in black and white

dragonfly_4680I was away for about 5 days last week so there wasn’t much work done in the studio. While I was gone, I had the idea to do a dragonfly linocut.  I spent yesterday afternoon laying it out and then transferring it to the block.  I let it sit a few hours to decide what I wanted to do in the background and then did the basic cut out.  I am in the midst of deciding on the details, especially in the wings.

I think one of the reasons the linocuts are appealing to me now is the positive/negative space that it deals with.  Same as with the pen and ink, I have to balance to two.  I can’t do it in fine lines like I do with the ink, so I have to do it with texture.  Even if I add a bit of watercolor I still have to like the play of the ink and paper.

On the surprising side, the watercolor eraser I bought from Cheap Joe’s worked on the daisy painting.  I was able to lift enough of the yellow “mistake” to put it up for sale.  I am sure it took a little bit of the paper surface off, but I was very careful and it looks fine.

I will move back to the architecturals after I finish this linocut.  I have picked out a Nashville photo and will work on a little smaller scale for the next few.