Three calf pencil up

Three calves

Last fall I started to pencil up this sketch of three calves that lived across our road.  They made a nice composition and fortunately are three different colors.

Holiday commissions and then a surprising six orders first of the year pushed this little drawing to the back of the line. Then I took a pen and ink break to do the fruit paintings because I needed to do something different for a bit.

Maybe this calf will be easier

A calf, penciled oin

A calf, penciled oin

We have a rather large herd of beef cattle across the road at the bottom of our driveway and one day last summer the cows and calves cooperated in having their pictures taken.  Quite a few of them were lounging by the creek that runs through our property and their pasture and I was able to take a variety of photos.  The coat colors run the gamut from white to red to black and combinations in-between.  This guy is a lovely shade of reddish brown.  Today I will try and lay down the base coat.  I did get another brush and some matte medium to thin the paint a little.  Experimentation is good.

I also sold 5 of my cast paper cookie mold Christmas ornaments in the last month in my etsy store, so interspersed with painting Mr. Calf, I will be working on replacing those.