The last one done


The triplex finished and off to its new home.  Since this was pretty monochromatic, I added color in the landscaping with the flowers, echoing the yellow doors.  I added some reds and mauves in the shrubs and trees as well as the shadows.  For a simple structure, it came put pretty well.

I think I am going to use my acrylics next and paint some small fruit pieces.  After seven weeks of architectural commission work, I need a change of pace.  I’ll put them into my etsy store when I’m finished.  I haven’t added anything new since well before Christmas due to the portrait work (not that I am complaining) and I need to.

That’s a lot of stone!

Inking done

Inking done

Once in a while I get something that is extra interesting and challenging to do. I think that this is one of those. The inking is done and I am pretty pleased with the results.  I really enjoyed doing the stonework as well as all of the landscaping.  There will be colorful flowers amidst the lush greenery.  I hope I can do this lovely home justice with the watercolors,

A brick ranch commission

Brick ranch

Brick ranch

Last week I got a nice surprise – a portrait commission from a Virginia realtor.  Fortunately, it didn’t need to have Christmas delivery so I can working at my regular pace and still get myself ready for the imminent holidays.

It is a nice brick ranch house with a variety of roof lines and some pretty window details.  The corners have a single raised brick line every 5 courses or so.  At first I thought it was a square quoin, but on much closer inspection (and an emailed question), it turned out to be just one row at a time.  I’ve not seen that particular brick corner detail before and my eyes kept wanting to make more of it.

The portrait’s coming along so far.  There are quite a few architectural details here for an 8×6 drawing, but that just makes it interesting.