The second portrait commission

Penciled up

Inked up

So, out of order, here is number two from the Christmas gift board.  This was a bit of a surprise referral from a business client.  Someone had seen the client’s portrait commission and inquired about having one done for herself.  I was happy to oblige and there was plenty of time for it to be matted and framed for Christmas.

This appears to be a raised ranch maybe built in the 60’s with the addition of decks across the front.  I don’t know if they are original to the design, but if they were not, those access doorways would have to be a remodeling job.  Still, it surely adds to the livability of the home.


Boise home commission

Little house in the foothills

Inked in

Shortly after I received the OPO commission, a second Christmas house commission popped up.   Unbeknownst to this client at the time, I have a personal connection to Boise, Idaho, where this home was just built. As some of you may know, my son and his family moved out there last year for a new job and we have visited them several times already.  It was fun to draw this home located in the foothills of Boise which I have hiked in ever so briefly while I was there.

Since it was a new build, the client was able to get me the paint chip number for the siding paint.  It was much easier to get the color on the exterior right with that reference as the colors in a photograph are not always true.  Watercolor next.

A new commission

pencil drawing

Inked up

The season for Christmas commissions has finally started for me.  This project is a little bit unusual.  I have never drawn a vehicle before, but I had a request for this one.  This is an old decommissioned post office in Missourt that was sold to a private owner who has turned it into offices for entrepreneurs.

One of the tenants commissioned me to paint this as a gift for him and wanted me to include the owner’s bright red truck.  I believe this ranks right up there with the black dog for my first pet portrait commission in the difficulty (and trepidation) scale.  Still, I think it is turning out right and my husband says it looks good. I have it mostly done now and letting it sit and percolate a day or two before I ship it out.  There are a small new home portrait and a dog portrait in the queue next so there will be lots of work to show up until Christmas.

Well, I got my wish

Colorado cabin

Colorado cabin

Well, I got my wish. Just as I was starting the inking for the Jasper, Indiana, streetscape, I got an inquiry for a Christmas home portrait.  A woman is having a portrait done of her parents’ Colorado cabin as a gift.

I had the darnedest time getting the enlargements made for this.  She sent me 2 screen shots which were labeled as jpegs and which I could see in my computer picture files that turned out to have issues when I tried to make some crops for details in photoshop.  It kept telling me that something was wrong with the file and photoshop wouldn’t open it at all.  It was with great trepidation that I took the flash drive into the big box store to make the enlargements, even though they showed up on it and I could open them at home.  Sure enough, their computer/printer couldn’t see the file.  However, I got the bright idea to try the expensive branded photo kiosk instead of the cheaper “house” ones.  And what do you know, there they were.  I showed the department manager my problem and he let me have the good ones, but only pay for the cheaper version.  It was a  big relief that I got anything at all.  I would have paid for the more expensive ones at any rate, because the return trip cost would have outweighed any cash savings.

Anyway, after my short drama, I went ahead and made the pencil drawing and started the sketch.  Inking starts tomorrow.