Artwork mixed with Holiday preparations

These days I am squeezing the art and computer work in with holiday preparations and it seems like the art often loses. I find that in order to get my brain in the right place I have to block out several consecutive hours of time for the art. I have never done anything worth much when I had less than half an hour to work. I need at least that much before the “brain shift” occurs. Then there is no time while I work. It seems odd but on occasion I can actually feel the shift occur and perceptural changes. A right brain/left brain thing I guess.

I tried working with the art cards I bought a while ago. I wanted to creat some simple watercolor vignettes but it was a complete disaster. I couldn’t get inspired on any subject matter and when I tried to lay some background washes as a basis for SOMETHING, all I got was wrinkled paper. So discouraging. Needless to say, I never got in the zone. I’ll guess I’ll try some dry brush and pen and ink on them instead.

I did manage to get a few new things in my etsy shop last week, so I felt good about that. I found a picture of a stone barn that I like so I am working with it. I’ll probably finish the inking today and lightly start the color.

Today I thought I’d include a pastel/pen and ink that I did this year and feel was successful. Again it is a Florida scene. I changed the color of the gate to something I liked better.

What's Behind the Garden Gate?