Back home in Indiana

Well, I must confess I have not made it back into the studio since my last post.  Wednesday I ended up going to the eye doctor with a persistent red eye.  Fortunately, it turned out to be just an irritation of unknown etiology and not an infection or a scratch.  Unfortunately, I had to put in eye drops four times a day and not wear my contacts for at least a 30 minutes afterwards.  I opted out of wearing them altogether until today when I am down to 3 drops a day.  Removing them once a day for half an hour seems much more doable than twice.  I have my glasses but they are for distance only and I don’t have very clear close up vision any more either.  Since my focus point without anything is only about 2 inches from my nose, none of this was very conducive to working at my table.  And then we left Friday to visit our son for the weekend.  We drove back in a hard rain which I really couldn’t mind because we have had so little this summer.  I think we have had more in the last 8 or 9 days than we’ve had total since the beginning of July.  My flowers and shrubs have perked up a good bit but it is probably too little too late in the year to make any big difference.

Blue cedar berries

I’ve been noticing that the fall colors and features have started to appear.  It seems that the berry producing cedars are going to have quite a crop this year.  These berries are tiny – only a few mm in size – but so abundant that I can see them from the house quite easily.  There is another cedar species that grows around here that has very tiny cones instead (on the same scale as the berries) and the way they are differentiated is by the fruit.  We seem to have more of the berried ones.  They really are quite pretty and I have taken lots of pictures of them.

The rains also revived my tomato plants somewhat.   I picked a few this morning and we ate BLTs for lunch.  Yum for fresh garden tomatoes.  And I got a few green peppers too.  They are down to about $2.00 each now.

I’m getting back into the studio today after I this and should be able to  finish the inking very soon.  I think it will be fun to color.  It has a rich, luscious texture to the architectural features which I hope I can recreate.  If only it had more complete landscaping in real life.  I don’t look at drawing plants and foliage as my forte and always am striving to make them look as if they might fit in.