Number two wedding venue gift portrait

Pencil plus

Number two was started but I forgot to take a photo before beginning the inking.  I was in a bit of a rush as I wanted to get these out before my trip to Boise, and I had a senior moment about the photo.  Still, I managed to catch myself before I went too far.

This one was a bit easier than the last one as I didn’t have to cram so much building into the 10×8 space.  Still, it had its own issues.  This is peeling white paint over red brick.  No color to help delineate that. It has black wooden shutters over the first floor windows and lovely arches in them.  The entryway is  recessed in its own archway and has half circle window above the door.  Grilled iron gates protect the enclosed area too.  So, in its own way, it is packed with detail, too.

Inked in ranch

Inked in

Inked in

Thanksgiving is over and the company has gone home.  I spent a couple of days inking this in, right before the holiday, and am now on the the watercolors.  The pavers turned out fine, which was my main concern.  All of those vanishing lines had to work out well or it would definitely. look off.  I must have drawn them at least 3 times before I inked.  The rest of the house is pretty simple with brick below and stucco above.  The landscaping with add nice greens to contrast with the re/brown tones of the house.  I think it is going to turn out well.