The three amigos

The three amigos

The three calves painting is now finished and I am fairly happy. I think the one thing I might change is to have made the whole thing somewhat larger. In hindsight, trying to cram all of these guys into a 6×7 frame made it more difficult than perhaps was necessary.  I had a harder time inking with the thicker nib pen and there wasn’t as much room to layer the defining colors.  Lesson learned. Give each animal room enough for its own space.

Three calf pencil up

Three calves

Last fall I started to pencil up this sketch of three calves that lived across our road.  They made a nice composition and fortunately are three different colors.

Holiday commissions and then a surprising six orders first of the year pushed this little drawing to the back of the line. Then I took a pen and ink break to do the fruit paintings because I needed to do something different for a bit.

Preliminary color on the calf

cow_pc_8249I laid down the preliminary paint layer for the reddish brown calf a couple of days ago and am somewhat pleased.  I think he shows a little bit of personality even at this stage. The calves are usually very skittish in the pasture and all of the them looked at us quite intently as we took pictures.  I think you can see a little bit of his leery curiosity here.

I’m at that stage of being afraid of “ruining” the work done so far and have been dithering about how to proceed.  Of course, not having worked with acrylics for 25 years doesn’t help either.   The matte medium seems to be helping somewhat in laying down the paint.  I haven’t tried the newest brush, but I am sure it will come in handy.  I just need to take the plunge and do it.

I have also been working on the cast paper ornaments.  They are small, but the painting is slow going to get all five done.  I’ve been posting almost daily on my instagram account and using up a lot of my older photos.  I’d better get down to work and make a lot more.  It’s very cold outside today and continued into the whole week (wind chills below zero), so I should bury myself in the studio, next to my portable heater of course, and get some serious work done.