Finished my bout of modern medicine and am totally ready for spring.

Well, at last I feel fine. I calculated that it has been 7 weeks since the start of my illness, even though at the time I had no idea what was really happening and thought that  a few days of antibiotics would be all that was needed. Little did I know that in the ensuing weeks, I would see way more of modern medicine than I ever hope to see again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it was available, but I have just had my quota for the forseeable future, thank you.

Anyway, I did manage to finish my latest picture earlier this week. It took three weeks instead of the usual 4-7 days.  This one has a little bit different color combination than some of the others.  It’s amazing what some of the smaller towns come up with for the colors of the main street.  I really like the boldness of the choices.  You can tell where every different proprietor is, just by following the changes in architecture or paint all the way down the street.  Who says midwesterners are staid and stodgy.  You’d never know it by the colors on the buildings.  It is really a bit of unexpected eye candy in southern Indiana.

I used the pen and ink base once again and then layed a base of pastel.  When I got most of the color I wanted, I added in some colored pencil and popped the color with the fixative.  No watercolor this time in the overlay.  I felt that the pencil gave me the detail I wanted this time around.

Southern Indiana Main Street

After Thanksgiving, back to work

California store front

Well, the holiday season has begun.  It is a busy time when everything else competes with studio time.  I have started my next drawing but it is slow going with a lot of distractions.  It is another stone building but of a house this time from the Napa valley.  I have already drawn in with ink and am coloring now.  It will be a mixture of watercolor and pastels and so far seems to be going well.  I want to finish it this week, but who knows.

Because the house is not ready yet, I thought I’d put up some previous work.  The storefront is also from a California trip for a family wedding.  I was listening to my favorite musician, Dan Fogelberg, when I did it and it always makes me think of his music when I look at it.

The tiger drawing came from a visit to the zoo.  He was rather magnificent looking and I was able to take several good pictures as he moved across his enclosure.

Tiger in color

Back in the studio

I’m back in the studio today. This week I had 3 50% off coupons at Michael’s and used them all to buy more pen sets. I want to have lots of spares so I don’t get caught without again.

I’m posting another piece of artwork this week. I wanted to try a different style for a change and used a 2 color watercolor wash as a base. I then used the pen and ink to sketch in a building, I kind of like the looseness of the painting. I think it also helps to not get so caught up in detail all of the time. I may try this every month or so just for a change. Besides I like it.