The brick mason went wild

I have started the inking on the new entryway drawing this week and it is progressing slowly.  It took a long time to lay out the crazily angled brick because my eyes kept getting lost in the patterns.  Much of the other brick was fairly easy but that herringbone pattern really was getting my eyes crossed.  I’m so glad there was only a small section of it.  The bricklayer must have been feeling very creative on this house because he mixed and matched the patterns in a rather unconventional way all across the front of the house.  In areas that I have cropped out, particularly on the right gable, the mixed patterns continue with no apparent rhyme or reason.  I’d be interested to know if the homeowner was gone for those decisions or he knew and approved beforehand.

Tudor style

This house also has a ripple in the rake trim board that I haven’t seen elsewhere.  The eave is offset from the house and I wonder if the soffit is open.  I can’t quite tell from the photos, but there is a shadow indicating some depth of overhang in the front.

I would love to see into the foyer.  It would likely be quite lovely with that diamond glass window and the 4 foot wooden door.  It would be interesting to see what kind of lighting was there also because with just that one little window and a solid door, I imagine it is quite dark.  I often get curious as to what the foyers look like in these homes.  I like to think that they are warm and inviting to all who enter.

I have also been thinking about all those in the path of the hurricane this week.  I hope the damage is minimized for all and everyone keeps themselves safe.  I only wish we could have taken some of the rain from them.  The drought continues here unabated and I think will start to have more serious effects on the wildlife and plants as time goes on.  We are already going to have to cut down about a dozen dead trees around the house that succumbed to last year’s drought and the cold, cold winter.  Also, the deer I have seen around the lake lately have very strange-looking coats.  Some of them almost look albino compared to the normal reddish-brown.  I haven’t seem Mr. Turtle lately even though it seemed earlier in the summer that he was living in the front flower beds.  And the butterflies have virtually disappeared.  The butterfly bush that hosted a dozen tiger swallowtails at one time last year, now only seems to feed a few of the more common ones.  I’m dreaming of rain, but there is none in sight.