Home Portrait Commission

Home portrait


I received a local commission this month for a lovely two story brick house in the older section of Bloomington.  The woman was moving away from her long time residence to be closer to family and someone wanted to give her a nice memento of a home she had lived in for many decades.  It was a bit hard to get the pictures because it was to be a surprise, but stealth prevailed and we got the job done.

I wish there had been more colorful landscaping in the front, but I have the feeling she was no longer able to keep much up exotic landscaping.  There are nice flowers on the front porch, however, to add a little pop to the picture.  I also like the little wrought iron fence on top of the doorway and the curved railing.  They are fun little details and add visual interest.  I am coloring it with pastels instead of watercolor.  It was a larger size and I like doing brick with the pastels as it gives a richer color than the watercolors when the picture is bigger.

Watercolored in

All done

All done

I finally finished this home portrait and I think it turned out pretty nicely.  After all of the difficulty in the layout, the watercolor was easy.  This duplex had some unique accents, including the diamonds on the rake board and some sort of concrete inset in the gable brick.  I never could make out what they were, but the picture is only an 8×6 so I couldn’t really delineate it much anyway.

The blue/gray accent color meshed nicely with the multicolor red brick.  The lighter cream color kept the house from being too dark overall.  It’s off to the client.  She should get it today.