Red brick

Red brick facade

All finished with this traditional Southern red brick home. These bricks commonly feature an even coloration with not a lot of variation to it. The bay bump out and the half round window tops add lots of visual interest. That must be a rather spectacular two story foyer for an entranceway, too. Don’t forget to notice the angled soldier brick courses with a limestone keystone above the windows and garage doors. Lots of details added to make this a lovely home for a family to grow in.

Not a great deal of landscaping in the front, but it is still welcoming. The pink/white flowers are azaleas, another common southern home feature. I have tried to grow them up here in Indiana, but the are super sensitive to frost and often get burned. A large, blooming spring azalea is something to see after a dark and gloomy winter.

Final pastels on the third portrait

Pastels are on

Well, I’m finally done with this set of three commissions. This was an easy one. Red brick and lots of foliage (but no flowers again). The house itself was not complicated and I layed it out quickly. I was able to establish tonal and color variation with a lot less difficulty than the gray/green combination of the last one. Still, there is a lot of inking that goes on for a 14″X9″ portrait and it does take a bit of time. As long as I am clear on the colors, the pastels are a breeze and the shortest phase.

These were fun to do as I hadn’t done any home portraits since late winter/early spring. Now I move back to my own work. I am starting to actually sell on Society6 lately and I need to figure out what designs to add to the shop there.

Home Portrait Number 3

Pencil preliminary
Inked up

Here is the third of the set of three home portrait commissions from the last 2 months. Drawing and inking this was more in the normal time frame compared to the last one. The house and landscaping were fairly straight forward and easy to lay out.

This had a lot more foliage blocking the front view so I had to cut it back and move it around somewhat to expose a larger portion of the facade. Even so, that was a lot of greenery. The house itself is rather traditional so it was pretty quick pencil up and ink in.

It has been rather nice to go back and forth between these portraits and the landscape paintings. It helps keep it interesting.

All of the color is on

I finished this recently and it has been delivered. The yellow siding was a bit intense with the red brick and green shutters, but it worked out okay. Not as much with the landscaping in this one, especially for flowers. I like having lots of flowers because it is usually a nice pop of color across the portrait, but what can you do. I don’t think this is actually the last phase of the picture, but it is the last photo I took. I’ve been busy and I think I had a brain cramp.

Ohio Entry 2

It has been hot, hot, hot this week. And we actually needed a little rain. Last night we got about .4″ by the way of a very loud thunderstorm. I am sure that a few trees got hit by lightning too. There were several large strikes that seemed very close. Today is just hot again and mostly sunny.  I guess we are jumping directly into the heat of summer.  After last winter, however, I’m not going to complain.  I’d way rather be hot than cold and snowed in.  I could just do without the tornado warnings.

Ohio Entry 2

With a few interruptions, I managed to finish the second Ohio entryway a couple of days ago.  After letting it sit, I am fairly satisfied with it. I like the way the shapes within the drawing turned out and the colors. After I penciled it out, I made a few adjustments on where the edges were and added more onto the top to clarify the stucco area.  I usually leave extra margin space for just this purpose.  I few times I didn’t and regretted it.  It is always easy to cut off the excess later. 

Palettewise, it is similar to the first entryway but structurally they are quite dissimilar.  The first one’s internal structure was squared and this one is much more triangular.  I do like the effect of the slate roofs also.  There are many houses in the area with that brick so I’m betting it came from a local brickworks.  The colors are quite varied and some of them actually look to have a slightly purple cast.  I wonder where the slate came from?

I haven’t seem Mr. turtle lately and not much other wildlife either except for squirrels.  Perhaps this heat has driven them into the cooler woods and down by the lake.  Not even the deer have put in an appearance.  I keep expecting to see some fawns traipsing in the shallows of the lake, cooling their heels.  Soon perhaps.