Final pastels on the third portrait

Pastels are on

Well, I’m finally done with this set of three commissions. This was an easy one. Red brick and lots of foliage (but no flowers again). The house itself was not complicated and I layed it out quickly. I was able to establish tonal and color variation with a lot less difficulty than the gray/green combination of the last one. Still, there is a lot of inking that goes on for a 14″X9″ portrait and it does take a bit of time. As long as I am clear on the colors, the pastels are a breeze and the shortest phase.

These were fun to do as I hadn’t done any home portraits since late winter/early spring. Now I move back to my own work. I am starting to actually sell on Society6 lately and I need to figure out what designs to add to the shop there.

Home Portrait Commission

Home portrait


I received a local commission this month for a lovely two story brick house in the older section of Bloomington.  The woman was moving away from her long time residence to be closer to family and someone wanted to give her a nice memento of a home she had lived in for many decades.  It was a bit hard to get the pictures because it was to be a surprise, but stealth prevailed and we got the job done.

I wish there had been more colorful landscaping in the front, but I have the feeling she was no longer able to keep much up exotic landscaping.  There are nice flowers on the front porch, however, to add a little pop to the picture.  I also like the little wrought iron fence on top of the doorway and the curved railing.  They are fun little details and add visual interest.  I am coloring it with pastels instead of watercolor.  It was a larger size and I like doing brick with the pastels as it gives a richer color than the watercolors when the picture is bigger.

No berries today – just another finished entryway

I planned to go and pick berries this morning but ended up not doing so. We got about .75″ of rain overnight and it was going to be too sloppy out there. I don’t mind getting a little wet, but these berries are so fragile that if I pick them all soaking, they will tend to crush themselves a little more lying in the picking containers. Can’t have that.

Gothic style entry

I had almost finished the next entryway and decided to do that instead.  I did get to talk to someone knowledgeable about slate tiles and he said the best came out of Vermont.  They tended to last the longest and have the most color variation in them, including some yellows and rusty colors.  He said that the ones that were mostly blue were probably from Pennsylvania.  I don’t know quite what to believe because we put Pennsylvania bluestone on our front porch and though it is predominantly blue, some pieces are almost solid shades of rusty orange.  Who knows?  It’s just really pretty.

I like the choice of the blue/grey trim with the brick and the slate roof and I think that the diamond grids are a better fit than the square colonial grids.  You can now see the recess of the front door a little better and I think it adds a little bit of distinction to the entrance.